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Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Neftys_7, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Neftys_7

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    Dear Fragola, GM's, Players,

    Because I can't play - some kind of error after servers went down, I wait on the line to have my problem solved - I try to find the answer on my own and I read a lot, on forum, discord, what ppl wrote.
    I have some observations about this server. I have put some below:

    1. Priorities.
    On each level (life, work, education, etc.) people must set priorities.
    The same rule applies to this server/game. You should have priorities, cases which must be solved.
    For example: the inability to play should have a higher priority than changing nickname. We can all agree, that changing a nickname is not something that must be done in the first place, it can wait.
    It shouldn't be difficult to implement, as all tickets have their own category, by which priorities should be set.
    I think this matter requires some attention.

    2. Economy.
    Server makes money by people who donate.
    However, many people leave the server because of - in my opinion - wrong system.
    I'll try to explain why I think like that in simple mathematic:
    * more people on server - more chance for donations, more people will join because of active server etc.
    * most of the people playing on this server want to earn adena in game. They are complaining a lot about low drop from mobs, from RB
    and I only see the decreasing tendency, not increasing. This policy have only one ending - people will leave the server as they have no motivation whatsoever to play. No reward - nothing to stick with - less people in game which will eventually lead to dead server. It happens in every game, I really wouldn't want to see it happen to Lineage too.
    * conlusion: people which can't put euro to the game must have chance to earn adena in different way. Maybe some events? Maybe increase drops? I myself joined the game because of event, otherwise - I wouldn't be even thinking about it. Events offer a chance for new players to catch up, to at least have a chance in this game.
    I think open discusion on this topic and listening to what ppl say will help finding solution to this problem. After all, does the game exist for the players, or the Admins?
    Btw I have no time to farm and I'm choosing faster way (L2 store) but this is my decision and I will choose anyway the same.

    3. Activity on server.
    I feel abandoned by GM's on this server. No activity from their side. They solve technical problems, bugs or other stuff.
    Few months ago they were giving buffs, but in my opinion the frequency of such events is too small. This game is practically all about grinding. It's nice to have something else to do in game other than farming.
    I remember about 2 years ago was some event about reading clues and searching for hidden items. It was a simple event but people have had real fun with this.
    Open discussion and ideas from people?


    Lineage2 is a kind of bussines, no discussion here. Bussines is making money. You can make some money or you can make a lot of money. It deppends on you - GM's.
    I know you have restrictions from Innova but your activity depends on you. So, if you want to keep this bussines you have to start listening to people, what they want and what they need. I'm not saying to do anything we say, that's absurd, all I ask for is to consider us. Like I said before, we make this game, just as much as you do. Without us, it's gone, without you, it's gone.
    I know that people are tiring, have endless concerns and wishes - I work with people and I know it from experience.
    But if you will be open for players, they will tell you exactly what they need and your server will be full of happy players :).

    This post is not a complain. I really do care about this game staying alive and well, that's why I'm kindly asking you to at least consider what I wrote.

    Best regards.
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  2. Fragola

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    Hi, @Neftys_7
    Thank you for your feedback. It's sad that you can't play at the moment and I'm sorry for this inconvenience.
    I can't play too as my notebook is dead :-(
    I'm reading this from my mobile phone, answering your suggestions and concerns like this fully will take too much time on this tiny screen. But I promise I'll get back to you on Monday with info.
    Have a nice day!
  3. Fragola

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    We are not prioritizing tickets by category per se, categories are assigned to different GMs that then resolve them in order of appearance, so 1 GM takes care of payment issues and game questions, other changes nicknames. They can help each other if there are a lot of tickets in some category.

    Of course the game is for players, and several threads were already created to collect feedback. This feedback has been sent to the developers, it's not like they don't know what the community is worried about.

    We strongly believe that the lower the visibility of a GM in game - the better. GMs mostly resolve your tickets and when they log in to hunt bots, check adena sellers etc they are always in hide mode. The server is for the players and we'd rather avoid showing up all the time just to give you "the sense of a present GM" when in reality GMs shouldn't break immersion.

    Thank you for your feedback, it's highly appreciated.