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Innova team, help me understand the bot issue

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by MrRollback, May 3, 2018.

  1. MrRollback

    MrRollback User

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    Yes, again a bot thread as a reaction to recent fairies swarm of bots.

    It's obvious it was one bot/same app. There's a couple of things that make me feel uneasy about this.

    1) Having an unfair advantage is ... well that's life, i can deal with it.
    2) How quickly can you make char lvl 85+ to be able to farm at fairies ? Yes, Balthus knight quest=10 minutes, but you need a premium account for that and, well, I do have some trust issues, but I find it highly unlikely the botter paid for 100 premium accounts.
    3) Running several characters at the same time.

    Let's just silently accept point 1, there's other features of L2 that gives you advantage in the game anyway and in a more impactful way (psst l2store)
    But points 2 and 3 look more like a hack/vulnerability exploit and that's a concern.
    As a premium account payer, I would like to know what measures have been taken to secure the server and make sure such thing does not happen again (if possible of course).

    I dont need an exact solution. I just want to be assured that the developers/security/database engineers understand the nature of the attack (let's call it the right name, it's an attack) and know how to handle it.

    Thank you,

    concerned player

    PS: private msg accepted as well if you dont want to share, but then again, you wouldn't share with me either.
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  2. mYzor

    mYzor User

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    What players should be concerned about this bot situation is a nerf hammer coming our (server) way because devs may find the quests and areas the bots are in too rewarding, and thus need adjustment.
    Like the nerfs this game got across the board as a bot fighting tactic, right? Everyone knows, everything wrong about the game was/is/will be because of bots.

    On a more serious note:
    About the hack/vulnerability and exploit part. I guess Innova knows about it and will try to fight it, but it may take time. (its like, "a police officer always chasing a thief. that damn cop is always missing when they rob my house" type of deal)
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  3. Oscar

    Oscar User

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    what kind of hack do you mean?
    its just basic leveling scripts run by amateurs, all chars they run do same path leveling, on same spots with maybe some small variations. Char gets to 85+ in a moment on this chronicle...