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[Guide] Healer guide v. 0.4.20

Discussion in 'Guides' started by darthblade, Jun 11, 2018.

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    "I need healing"
    Beta version. Take everything with a grain of salt, I'm a noob.

    Being a healer ain't easy. If you ended up as one because of character creation error, were forced by CP members/ clan, or are one of those "special people" that just enjoy playing support class, this guide might be for You.

    The start - There are reasons to start leveling from 1, for example as of 06.2018, Eva Saint's Prophecy of Water skill is better for feohs than Drum melody. lvl on raids as much as possible, take people in D-grade armor to kill rb lvl 70, with healer they gonna be OK.
    - This part suks, a lot of people don't need a healer to do instances and there is no "low lvl" open field party exp. Solo you can't do anything (well, you can, but with dps of a potato). Try to 3'rd wheel, join weaker parties (groups that go Kartia 5 people, full kamaloka party etc.), if you have box iss- kick the iss at the end so it still counts as "duo" etc.
    You can try joining higher lvl parties, for example very often Baylor will be 99+, while healer can go on 97 (no dmg anyway and heal power is the same).

    Your #1 objective is to keep yourself and party alive, after that comes rezzing and than debuffs. Healer's kit is mostly heals/ invuls, the dmg/ debuff skills are just slapped on so you have something extra to do when bored. Pushing clan members off a cliff is how healers show affection btw.

    Most optimal way to heal - wait till tanks/ tyrrs (or whatever is tanking in your party) HP drops to.. 60% (or 40 if you want him to sweat a little) and push Balance Heal, followed by Brilliant Heal. One will equalize whole party's HP, pumping tank to 90% and dropping rest a little (careful with pet users, poisoned pets can have very low HP and will drop your party HP down to dangerous levels after balance heal is used!), the other gives the whole party a little HP - and everyone is back at 100%. Low MP cost, 2-button solution.

    When more than 1 person is taking damage or the incoming dps is higher than Balance Heal reuse can handle - on top of Balance Heal, start Progressive Heal, combined with Panic Heal (on the fastest dying pt member) with mixed in Sustain to boost skill power. Plant Tree of Life for extra little heal/ debuff. A lot more MP and APM intensive, if it happens once in a while during pve it's ok, if you have to spam Progressive Heal and it feels like everyone is "almost dying" all time, change spot or party members.

    DMG bursts / dead people - highly situational and I won't be able to cover all cases. Let's say one party member starts taking too much damage (beyond what all above can handle) - use 1 target celestial, when it ends your Balance Heal should be ready. If people die and there is no imminent danger to rest of the party, make sure everyone alive is max HP and rez the rest If there is dmg incoming - pop party celestial (or at least aoe Purge/ Sleep/ Disparition if cele not ready) before rezzing. Don't use Balance Heal if half party is low HP- it might push people who were at 100% and not expecting any damage to low HP and they can die easily afterwards. Pre-emptive party celestial / Brilliant Purge are also good - better to (maybe) waste a cele than keep it at all cost and risk party vipe.
    Here is a proud mom taking care of her party members.

    Skills, Passives, Gear
    tl:dr focus on defense and healing power. Join a clan/ CP - solo healer can't do anything. Being on voice comms helps a lot.

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    My heart was beating fast for few seconds from the time when i saw "healer guide" to the time i clicked to check it.. but when i saw that guide was written by darthblade i got depressed. ;/
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