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EVENT Summer Pawty

Discussion in '2018' started by CM Fragola, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Dear players,
    As the exping event has been postponed until the update release due to changes in EXP tables, we requested special settings for you to enjoy summer a bit more.

    From July 11 till July 25 enjoy:
    • Free teleports (except for Hermunkus' Minion & Gatekeeper Asher on Primeval Isle)
    • No XP loss upon death
    • Augmentation removal fee = 0 adena
    • Accelerated RB respawn (except fixed time respawns like AQ, Baium)

    Also, the dancing cat party is waiting for you in all towns, talk to them and receive special buffs:

    There are two stages of the buff:
    stage 1 - For 2h all Basic Stats increased by 1.
    stage 2 - For 2h all Basic Stats increased by 1, Max HP/MP/CP by 13%, P./M. Atk by 13%, Attack/Casting Speed by 13%, P. Def/M. Def by 13% and Vitality XP Bonus by 30%.

    To receive the buffs, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
    Players need to be in a party of at least 3 different Races, or 7-member party to receive the first stage buff and to be in a 7-member party with 3 different Races to receive the 2nd stage buff.

    Happy hunting!

    Important notes:
    • No XP loss on death does not apply to characters with negative karma.
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