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Sneak peek into Orfen update: Helios Instance

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by CM Fragola, Jul 17, 2018.

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    The throne of the Fallen Emperor is an instance zone for 5-7 players Lv. 103-120.
    You can access this zone daily via NPC Kekropus in Giran
    Time to complete - 60 minutes.

    The fight is divided into 3 stages:

    1 stage2 stage3 stage
    Stage 2 starts at 80% of HP.
    Stage 3 starts at 30% of HP.

    Helios summons 4 powerful minions on stages 1 and 2, they will appear to the right and to the left of him.
    At stage 2 Helios summons Helios Blue Lightning and Helios Red Lightning: two spheres, red and blue. Helios can move between them, gaining different abilities. The red lightning deals great damage and knocks down, and the blue one burns mana and decreases P. Def. of the raid participants.
    At stages 2 and 3, huge cannon called Leopold will join the battle. The cannon consists of 4 parts located on the zone perimeter. It deals great damage to the area.
    At stage 3 Lightnings do not appear, instead, additional minions appear in the air, which makes them invulnerable to melee attacks.

    HP: 17,757,784
    EXP: 552,531,623,175
    SP: 497,282,625
    RP: 7

    EAR, EWR, Modification scrolls,
    Eternal Armor Fragments and Recipies,
    Helios Weapon Fragments and Recipies,
    Soul Crystals lv.3-7,
    Guardian Agathion Fragments,
    Mask of Savior Enchantment scrolls.

    Related quest: Path Of Savior - Throne of the Fallen Emperor

    Please note that in this is a preliminary version, the final version of rewards and translation may be changed. For the final information, please, refer to the final official patchnotes.
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