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Sneak peek into Orfen update: Etina Instance

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by CM Fragola, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Fragola

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    Etina's Temple is an instance zone for 5-7 players Lv. 104-120.
    You can access this zone 3 times per week via NPC Leona Blackbird near Atelia Factory.
    Time to complete - 120 minutes.
    Requirements: completed quest Path of Savior - Etina's Temple.

    The battle is divided into 2 stages: outside and inside the Temple.
    In the first stage, you need to move to the entrance of the Temple, defeating mobs and the Great Temple Guardian Paragon (Lv.107). Paragon is invincible until his minions are killed. When Paragon is defeated, the second part begins.
    During the second stage you need to kill Camille (Lv.107), then Kain van Halter (Lv.107), then Etina (Lv.108) himself. All 3 will summon minions and will use the power of the Seals. When the HP of Etina is lower than 50%, he will change the form.
    Seal of GnosisGreenWhen activated, for 1 minute all minions receive the buff, increasing their Speed, Atk.Speed, and Casting Speed. Two random raid characters receive the Mark of Gnosis. All monsters will attack only targets with Mark of Gnosis.
    Seal of StrifeRedWhen activated, for 1 minute all minions received the buff, increasing their P./M.Atk, all raid characters receive DoT effect for 15 seconds.
    Seal of AvariceYellowWhen activated, for 1 minute all minions receive the buff, recovering their HP.
    Seal of ScourgeBlueWhen activated, for 30 seconds all minions receive the buff, reflecting a part of the damage back to the attackers. Raid characters receive debuff, lowering their Casting Speed and MP.
    Seal of AwakeningWhiteWhen activated, for 1 minute all minions receive the buff, that doesn't let them die when their HP lowers to 0.
    Seal of CalamityVioletWhen activated, for 1 minute 5 vortices attract all characters to the center and deal periodic damage.
    Seal of DestructionBlackWhen activated, for 1 minute 5 black vortices deal damage around the room to the closest characters.
    Etina (final form):
    HP: 9,138,018
    EXP: 0
    SP: 0
    RP: 7

    EAR, EWR,
    Eternal Armor Fragments and Recipies,
    Helios Weapon Fragments and Recipies,
    Soul Crystals lv.3-7,
    Guardian Agathion Fragments,
    Mask of Savior Enchantment scrolls.

    Related quest: Path Of Savior - Etina's Temple

    Please note that in this is a preliminary version, the final version of rewards and translation may be changed. For the final information, please, refer to the final official patchnotes.
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  2. Palkah

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    How many of these do we need for a full Agathion and how many can drop per 1 entrance?
  3. Takanodan

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    Maybe make sneak peek for these agathions?
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  4. Fragola

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    Info about agathions: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/658215/