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Aeore Cardinal questions

Discussion in 'Aeore Healer' started by cataurcan15, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. cataurcan15

    cataurcan15 User

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    Hello guys. I'm leveling up an Cardinal and I have questions about the build. Can some1 pls answer me this questions?

    1) What's the best AP build and the best revelations skills
    2) What's the best attributes and augments to have?(armor jewels)
    3) Can some1 tell me best equip for healer(weap,armor,brooch,jewels,dyes,bracelet,agations,everything) in this 3 categories:

    a) low budget
    b) medium bugdet
    c) top equipment
  2. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Global moderator

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    What do you mean by best ? Best in overall situation ? :D

    For AP build, you can a setup here :

    For revelation skill :
    - Take disparition to escape some bad situation
    - You can also take Unbind to remove some debuff or Undying Will to escape death (doesn't help you if you get one shot)

    For attribute, it depends who you are facing. Nowadays, it's better to have more resistance in fire/wind/earth because of dragon weapon user and stormscreamer.

    For weapon : Any one handed magic weapon with Body SA or cutter. Can be an apocalypse weapon to start with. The best weapon would be a PVE weapon with 3rd SA. Since you play with one handed weapon, don't forget the sigil.

    For armor, you need a robe set. The best would be a +10 set. There is a rumor saying a light set at least +8 is better in PVP.

    For jewels, it depends of the situation : You need jewels giving mental/stun resist and mdef. You start with normal jewels then change it for istina jewels or a beleth ring.

    So later as earring: go with a mental CoC or blessed zaken then change it later for a blessed antharas. As for second earring, could be a mental CoC or lindvior.

    Later for necklace : Soul Frintezza for speed/cooldown reduction. You can change it when you get more adena for a blessed valakas which gives a higher mdef and some matk but you lose the speed.

    Bracelet : You start with an Aria bracelet +3 CON. Then you upgraded it to the advanced version. Best is having Dimensional bracelet with +5 CON.

    For ring, you would take two of them in the end : Earth Wyrm aka Trasken, Soul Baium, Tauti.

    For dyes : Take the +5 CON. Best if having +5 CON +4 CHA or +5 CON +5 CHA.

    For belt : Go with a PVE/PVP belt from CoC. Then you will change it for an Ekimus Belt. In the end, you should have a Ruler Belt.

    Agathion : Get the libra for balance life skill and virgo for rebirth. Then you add later the agathion giving salvation and celestial.

    For hair accessory : Go for a pdef or mdef one. Then change it for a pdef/con or mdef/con. Best is to have radiant knight circlet +5.

    For brooch, you need survivability so you need basically diamond, pearl, obsidian (for pvp). 4th brooch is garnet. 5th/6th brooch from this list : Opal 6 for attribute resistance, tanzanite for the barrier, cat eye 6 for the celestial, aquamarine 6 for the skill cooldown reduction. Emerald for some stats.

    For shirt : You need Shiny Elemental +10. Then a physical and/or magic shirt +10. If no euro, you take istina/octavis shirt.

    For talisman :
    - 1st one : You take the seed talisman and upgrade it until it's becoming a longing talisman. If you are very rich, you get an insanity talisman.
    - 2nd one : Outlaw or Hunter. Later, get an Abundance lvl1 and upgraded it to lvl2 when you get very rich.
    - 3nd one : Anakim or Lilith. In the end, it would be a Seven Signs.
    - 4th and 5th one : Sayha Talisman lvl 6/7/8. Best is having 8 for you, 10 for your DD in your party/CP. Other talisman is a Venir at least lvl 12 to active the skill cooldown reduction from Sayha.

    Cloak : Not a lot of choice. Can take the class one, clan one or later, the Exalted cloak. If you can afford to pay every month a Nevit Cloak for PVP, do it.

    I might have not cover everything but you have the base here. I'm not really playing actively healer so others players will complete or correct it for me. Too bad there is no guide :(.
  3. St0ne

    St0ne User

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    As for AP u should aim at HP,pdef/mdef and CD .There r many variations.
    For weapon we dont use cutters anymore.
    Most of times its 1h magic wep with 2-3 SA all include HP. And for rich pple its pve/pvp type.
    For sub certs u pick hp,mdef,pdef.
    For dual sub u go for max hp.
    Dont bother urself with aguments until u get a rly nice r99 wep.