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Relaxed Cp lf members

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Delith, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Delith

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    We are a relaxed cp that understand that real life comes befor L2 that are looking for members!

    We are looking for English speaking lvl 103+ ppl who are willing to play both their chars classes at times.
    -2 DD's with Feohs on either main/dual for factions.
    -DD with healer on main/dual for siege.

    We start at 19 Gmt+1 and focusing on doing Helios, Altar, Atelia and w/e faction the members needs the most. We also do Etina if all are the required lvl and got the mask.
    Instances like Kamaloka, Baylor and K95 that dosn't give that much XP at 103+ is done befor or after cp time.
    This is to ensure that the instances that gives the most xp gets done.
    Tavern we do incase someone needs it for the Exlated quest.

    We are as said a relaxed cp that understands that work, family and life comes first and we wanna get the dailys done as effective as possible but also have fun at the same time.
    The only "rule" that we have is that if you wont be able to play at cp time or run late, you should try and let the rest of the cp know.
    There is a Whatsapp group or FB group chat for this purpose. Those group chats are also used for alot of gif spamms, goofing around and just general talk.

    Send me a msg here or pm/mail Delith or Jurgen ingame if you are interested.
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  2. iDragonXT

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    hi, can I join. I got some epix and hands. I also speak good svensk