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Lvl 11 Int PvE only clan LF ppl 25 yo+

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by MaoMao, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. MaoMao

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    International clan (KittyCats) for people with a job and family which do not invest thousands to do PvP.
    No requirements other than:
    1. Polite and mature people. No drama kids please. 25 yo is the lower limit, but if you have someone in to vouch for you, we may consider some slight exceptions;
    2. Minimal English is a must. While we have many people of some nations (TR, LT, for example), it will not work out if you do not speak English at all;
    3. Respect your clannies, allies, BUT ALSO everyone else. We do not tolerate scammers, people which PK newbies, even if provoked. At your age and experience, we expect wisdom too. At most repliy in general and global chat when provoked, however, they have to be within the rules. For example avoiding word filter by deliberately misspelling forbidden words is frowned upon as well as insulting or calling names.

    This clan really has a drama-free and relaxed atmosphere, we gather at 8-9 PM server time for 2-3 hours of dailies instances and factions as well as various other things, like fort siege, killing bosses, etc.
    The clan does not have a CP structure, the main members go in and out of the main party in the evening. At this time, minimum level there is 101, but in order to enter some instances you need more. That does not mean we do not recruit everyone regardless of level, we just purge inactives from time to time and you will probably not find party if below 99, and even then it is hard up to 101 for support and almost impossible for dd without gear.
    We actively help support chars, iss/heal/tank, with level and some minimal gear after we get to know you a bit.

    Please remember this is a PvE only clan, we do not answer provocations, if you are rich and can afford PvP, please apply to our allies, NakedForce (mravek, Airwolf).

    Mail your application to MamaBuff-anyone in English, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Emily-for Turkish, Solitron-for Lithuanian, Ogniczek- Polish, Cabiri- Bulgarian, but a minimal level of EN understanding is required.
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  2. pontiak

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    hi, got any RO players/CP in the clan?
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