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"Streamers" subforum's rules

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by Artchem, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager

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    Dear streamers!
    You have to can announce your game broadcasts, which are carried out on Twitch or YouTube platforms, on our official servers - Core+Tiat, Blue and Red.

    [​IMG] How to create an own topic in the best way?

    The title must include a server name and common topic of broadcast in the following way:
    [Server name] General theme of streams

    Only one topic from one streamer is permitted in the one subforum.
    If you need to edit your topic, please, contact moderator:

    You can fill your topic in free form, however, it must contain a channel link and some information about you and your broadcasts.


    If you want to link to YouTube channel/stream, please, use hyperlink or code in order not to switch video player:
    A theme and a stream must not violate forum rules, user documentation of games Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Essence and streams platforms' rules:
    Administration discourages and asks users to refrain from using of swearwords, abusive words and obscene language during a stream.

    [​IMG] What channels/broadcasts are not totally allowed to post here?

    • It is forbidden to post streams of advertisements and/or display pirate game servers, use of game errors, third-party software and modified game client, sale of game values, in-game currency and game characters for real money, demonstration of the ways how to bypass the protection system and to get unauthorized access to game accounts.
    • It is forbidden to post streams of the gameplay (the passage) of Lineage 2 Europe and Lineage 2 Essence Europe within the PTS (public test server), unless otherwise has been previously expressly agreed with Administration.
    [​IMG] Pay attention!

    Administration does not carry out a preview and/or moderation of messages, materials and streams posted by Users on the streamers subforum. It is for this reason, administration can't guarantee that user's streams don't contain an unacceptable content, and a content is consistent with forum rules and stream platforms rules.
    Administration decides to apply sanctions to Users for violation of these Rules at its sole discretion. The application of sanctions to a particular User is a right, not an obligation of Administration.
    Administration is not obliged to provide to users with the reasons and/or evidence that led to the application or non-application of sanctions.

    [​IMG] Discord

    Don't forget, that there are special channels in our discord, where you can post streams links:

    [​IMG] Do you have offers for improvement of subforum and subforum's rules?

    We want to make streamers subforum convenient and helpful so as to take account of the interests of all sides. If you have ideas for improving the subsorums or rules, please, send Artchem pm with a head labeled "proposal for improving streamers subforums". We will be pleased to check with lawyers read and discuss it.

    P.S. Open an attachment to read the complete list of rules.

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