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OFFER The unearthed findings

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Apr 17, 2019.

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  1. Artchem

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    All citizens do in towns of Elmoreden is discuss the found artefacts. These ancient findings are different from those, which the world has seen before. Local archaeologists are convinced that the artefacts’ especial colour and glow indicate presence of an unusual magic power. Some residents have volunteered to help archaeologists with exploring of artefacts’ impact. Join a group of brave heroes and find out what mysterious relics can do!

    Check out the updated Artifact system!
    Hurry up to stock up on unique Artifacts and upgrade them to +10!

    * Note that the end of promotion's server mainteinance is scheduled on April 30 (not May 1), so the promo will be over on Tuesday.

    Right after the maintenance, you will find a brand new item Archaeologist's Box in L2Store !


    Double-click the Archaeologist'S Box to obtain a Shiny Gold Bar Box with 100% chance!
    And with a certain chance you'll get your main reward (check the spoiler below).


    From the Shiny Gold Bar Boxes you'll get from 3 to 1000 Shiny Gold Bars that you can exchange for valueable rewards at NPC Dimensional Merchant in any town.

    Dimensional Merchant can offer two exchange options:
    1. Limited exchange until April 30 – new rewards.
    2. Permanent exchange – no changes since the last year's promo.


    What are Mammon's Talismans?
    * Mammon's Talisman Boxes can be exchanged / dropped / sold. Cannot be shared within an account.


    Moreover, you can exchange your Shiny Gold Bars for a Vitality Beer that you can enhance and get a Honey Vitality Beer at NPC Dimensional Merchant.
    The exchange will be available even after the promotion is over.


    What is a Honey Vitality Beer?


    Learn more about the updated Artifact system on L2 Wiki:
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Thread Status:
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