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Guide: farm CRP [Fafurion]

Discussion in 'Guides' started by yotaperm, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. yotaperm

    yotaperm User

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    server: Core+Ramona
    name: delicate
    The introduction:
    Hello world! today i want to tell u secret hint how to easy make tons of Clan Reputation Point (hereinafter = CRP) for lvl up u clan (relevant to Fafurion update!). This guide will most helpful at start new server, like it was on Tiat ( when u need faster then other make lvl 3 clan for join to CoC to win Ruler belt) but it will be helpful for old server too for lvl up u clan to 12+ lvl.

    Chapter 1: basic information abour CRP system
    (if you know it go to chapter 3)
    According to l2wiki u have few ways to make CRP:
    Chapter 2: clan missions
    We will consider in detail the way to get crp by Completing clan missions, because u can make it fast, solo and every day.
    There is few types of missons:
    General Missions

    • It doesn't take much time to complete a general mission.
    • During the week, you can repetitively complete up to 16 general missions, for Noblesse - 18, for Exalted - 20.
    • General mission counter is reset every Wednesday at 6.30 a.m.
    Intensive Missions

    • It takes much time to complete them.
    • You can complete intensive missions as many times as you like.
    Achievement missions

    • Achievement missions are one-time missions.
    • Achievement missions include missions of different levels. Some of them can only be accomplished after a preliminary mission.
    Event Missions

    • Event missions can only be accomplished during a certain period, they can be either one-time or repeating.
    Chapter 3: general missions aka fast CRP farm
    In my humble opinion best way to make crp its complete a general mission.
    there is 2 ways:
    - make bid for Rare auction. not the best way, coz u need 1-2+ window for make re bid, but u get only 100 crp per bid, other ppl can make high bid at the beginning (u need more adena for bid) and auction goes only 2 days per week.
    - complete hunt 85+. that's what we need!
    Let`s calculate how much crp we can make.

    For the most effective farm we need 7 box, loc with much mobs with fast respawn.
    - WTF? u say u can make it solo?
    - relax, u can make it by using 1 windows, but for most effective afk farm u need 7 box, just call u friend/clanmates)

    Chapter 4: let`s farm

    we will choose Sel Mahum Training Grounds. there are many mobs, they a social, stand in heaps close to each other.

    Party setup:
    so if u have resources for make 7 ppl party best setup will be:
    -Tyrr Dreadnought
    -Tyrr Dreadnought
    -Tyrr Dreadnought
    -Tyrr Dreadnought
    -Iss Sword Muse
    -any aeore healer
    -any sigel

    important thing:
    -u party member must be 85-94 for make mission in this loc
    -u must stay in normal range with u party mates ( u must see they nicknames)
    not normal:
    -for tyrr u can use simple macro (w/o thunder storm if u have not spear)
    -aeore healer same simple
    -sigel just stay with turn on Challenge Aura
    -Iss Sword Muse. there u need make macro for recharge MP. (tank and healer are at a distance from each other and iss runs between them)
    ofc u need some times/tests to bring it to perfection but it`s not so hard.
    Expected results:
    ok we chose a location, make party, set up macros, let`s calculate how much CRP we can make.
    u can complete 16 missions during the week (if u are not nobless/exalted)
    for complete 1 missions u need around 10-12 min
    in my experience on average its 3h for complete missions 16 times (150 crp per one)
    16*150*7=16 800 crp from full party per 3h
    after u done 16 missions u can relog to another character (total 7 per account)
    16 800 * 7 = 117 600 crp from 7 full account per 21h
    In this guide, we have considered the method of obtaining CRP in semi-afk mode, advanced users can setup afk device macro (caution! Do not leave u macro unattended). This loc have around 4-6 spot farm farm crp, and if u have enough exposure and people u can rise u clan lvl as fast as possible.

    p/s/ Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions you can ask them here or in private messages.​
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  2. zauliuz

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    you talk about those "do few instances, compound few things, kill some mobs"? isn't those missions once per week, i mean 16 18 20 (normal/noble/exalted)times per week and reset on wednesday morning. or there was some unmentioned changes in patch notes?
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  3. yotaperm

    yotaperm User

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    yep you right, wrong info from l2wiki ((