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cancer cp inception

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by BISTABIL, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. Olympia_2522

    Olympia_2522 User

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    Since no one shown interest in recruiting me to existing cp this is my attempt to start own group.

    I am looking for likeminded players who are interested in pvp and are not intimidated by 1m oneshots from top p2w whales.

    1. provoke anyone and anywhere
    2. gank macro farmers

    As an addicted player who reached 105 and pretty much hit the wall in terms of further leveling without cp in this chronicle, there is not much stuff left in game for me to do.
    By passive trading I am now making ~500m adena a day so doing instances for drops is not cost effective (time is money). Only pve I am doing is to max out factions.
    Annoying people from boredom is what I am doing for few months now and it is quite satisfying.
    I've made numerous enemies and few friends in the process.
    Ok I will be honest for a change.
    I made no friends in the process :)
    So if you join me, you can expect to get oneshotted sometimes but no worries I have healer boxes, blessed scrolls.

    No strings attached, no tight schedules, but I usually play in the evenings.
    Anyone is welcome under condition you don't mind dying a lot.

    pm here or in game
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  2. iKrockle

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    since when is racketeering a passive trade? :D
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