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IMPORTANT FAQ: Auto-hunt and macro

Discussion in 'Important information' started by Artchem, Sep 19, 2019.

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  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    As you know, one of the updates has brought auto-hunting into the game. And every day in support service or social networks we get questions about in-game and devices’ macro. We have discussed the issues again and want to share important news and annotations at the present moment.

    Concern 1. “Can I use in-game auto-hunting and go away from my computer?”
    Yes, of course. The auto-hunting is designed as a way of character leveling up while a player is away from his computer or busy with his own stuff.

    Concern 2. “Can I use devices’ macro (keyboard or mouse) and go away from my computer?”
    Yes, you can. Previously it was prohibited to use non-game auto-hunting and be away from keyboard (afk). But from now on, it is allowed because the game itself encourage character leveling up with automatically switching targets, using skills, buffs and required items.

    But please note that GMs will continue to pay close attention to players, who use programmable devices.

    Concern 3. “Does it mean that I can use third-party programs which will make easier to level up?”
    No, it doesn’t. The use of third-party programs, which affect the game client, like bots, clickers and so on, is still a violation of the game rules, which results in your 4game account blocking.
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