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Newbie player looking for help - Clan/cp/info about the game how to start

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by FreshAccount, Sep 28, 2019.

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  1. FreshAccount

    FreshAccount User

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    Hello, guys i m new in the server, don't have a loot of expirience on that patch of the game also i m old player c4-h5, classic and a little bit GOD. I need help with starting
    - What is my goal at 90 +
    - Do i have make other classes
    - How PA works and how to take
    - how to set up my farm classes tips etc.
  2. VaBybi

    VaBybi User

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    1.you can solo from 1 to 110 , goal depends on you. PVP? forget about it. Have same fun? possible
    2.make other classeS? your main and box iss , thats al lwhat you need
    3. you buy pa for a month-8.99 . Then you can log in second window whos gonna be your iss box. ( pa gives x2 exp/sp so at start it worth to buy it for your box iss too)
    4.gear means everything , like where you farm and what you farm. i guess less gear dependent class would be wynn.
    4.2 Gear cost money , so you invest alot of time for some adena or you invest a bit of real money and get same adena x10 faster. There is some way to earn adena in game , like bossing , enchanting , flipping market and etc.
    4.3 find cp or good clan , it will help a lot.
    4.4 dont think that to get something is gonna take you only couple of months, its gonna take years and dedication , unless you invest a lot and lot of money.
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