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Problems with web interface.

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Andriel, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Andriel

    Andriel User

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    hello all!

    many players faced some problems when using web- interface for launching the game.

    at the moment we are working on fixing them up.

    please note that this might be useful for players with the following problems:

    1) launching stops at vc redist (new installer version fixed this problem).
    2) there is no install, play button, etc.
    3) redirects to russian sites.

    we need the following info :
    log creation guide: View attachment logs.zip download and unzip it.

    1. close your browser.

    2. download attached logs.reg file, double-click it and answer "yes" in the messagebox. this will add registry values that allow launcher to make logs.

    3. run your browser and reproduce error.

    4. logs will be created in following directories.

    5. now close browser again and navigate to both locations. add all the log files into one .zip archive and store it on the file exchange resource. please use www.mediafire.com or www.megaupload.com for convenience.

    6. send personal message to me (andriel) with a problem's name (copy it from the first post), your browser version and a link to this file.

    we will be passing this information to our qa specialists.

    please: send us the information needed to my pm, in text or to some file-share tool and provide a link to pm me.

    in the topic of the letter , please indicate one of the 3 problems noted.

    if you have faced another kind of problem while starting the game with the help of the launcher, please write in details about that, step by step.
    (so we can fix it) add screenshot if possible.

    if you have not found the problem you are experiencing please do not post here. in the nearest time there will be posts created for massive errors.

    additionally, please specify the following:
    1. name and version of your browser.
    2. operating system (...).
    3. did you send the information in pm to andriel? (yes or no)
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  2. Orfie

    Orfie User

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    i send private :)
  3. spankertanker

    spankertanker User

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    cant download the file in ie9, not in compatibility mode (ie8) either. gonna try with ff.
    tried ie9 32bit version, not working either (gamelauncher doesnt even load in ie9 64bit btw)

    download went fine in ff8, gonna try to make logs file now! (not sure if will, cant even login)

    got it, sending pm with log and details


    it worked for a while, now error is back =(
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  4. Kwivie

    Kwivie User

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    im with chrome 13.0.782.112 m
    everything was working fine, got dced cause of inet lost. now page is not loading keeps hanging at checking if i have it installed, trying to move along is not possible site keeps loading forever.
    then latest interenet explorer ask me to install, when i download and try it i can only uninstall
  5. Eska

    Eska User

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    good day,

    you can see actual solutions and issues' statuses here.
    additional instructions could be found here.
    if you can't find a solution for your issue you always can ask for moving the thread back into the main branch.

    best regards,
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