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[Discussion] Best Macro to lvl up a Hawkeye

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by LedZi, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. LedZi

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    Hi everyone, I've been playing with a Hawkeye, and been testing the zones and how the mana it's been consumed by its skills - It has been good so far till reach 60+
    As we know, these races consume loads of mana and we are always trying to find the best approach to improve the levelling speed.
    Therefore, after maximizing the skills Double Shot and Pain of Saggitarius. I noticed gradually more consumption of MP and HP as expect, of course.

    Then, as a mere player, I'd like to ask what are you guys are working on it.

    Macro tested:

    1Attack - Double Shot - Delay 4s - Pain of SaggitariusHigh Consumption of HP at Level 2 - Was necessary using a big amount of HP potions case the mob 5x Levels over than you. Although mana lasts longer.
    Double Shot - Attack - Attack - Pain of Saggitarius
    Small chances to take over hit on mobs, as long as they are at the same level as you or doesn't have Bow resistance.
    3Double Shot - Attack - Double Shot - Delay 4sMana consumed fairly slower and delay time turned the farm slower. (Using it at the moment)
    4Attack - Attack - Attack - Double ShotTO BE TESTED!
    Setup: full manticore +4/Eminence +8 (nothing else special)

    If you have any suggestions about or would like to share yours, please post here!

    I will keep testing and posting updates.
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  2. SK111

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    I'm lvling an hawkeye as my personal anti-pker and from what i see you're using too many skills in a too short amount of time
    First of all in this videogame wins not the one who lvls the most in a day but the one who lvls the right amount of time everyday.
    That beeing said pain it's like your ultimate resource but you're using it like it would be normal to use it so often
    to me the delay it's a little bit too short and i use 5 on very crowded spots or 7
    second of all don't overdo with double shot or you will deplete your mana pool too quickly
    put as many simply attack commands in your macro you can
    you don't need to oneshot everything
    the kamaels do that but or they will nerf it or as soon as the oly will be running you will see
    the servers empty because all those kamaels will quit or just reroll from lvl 1
    it doesn't matter if for december 2019 you're n. 1 top rank if on january 2020 the 1st you have already quitted
    find a slower pace and never go after yellow or red mobs because it will cost to you a lot more in the long run, and i mean A LOT
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