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NEWS The first siege of Giran Castle

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager

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    There is happy news for both clans and solo players! [​IMG]

    The first Castle Siege will take place on this Sunday! The preparation stage will be from 18:00 till 20:00 UTC+1 and then the siege itself will be from 20:00 till 21:00. From now on, the siege is a weekly PvP activity on the Red and Blue servers.

    Tell your friends and clan members because it's a great chance to take part in the huge PvP battle.

    Learn more on the website how to participate in castle sieges (The Giran Castle Siege tab):

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  2. Constance

    Constance Volunteer team

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  3. SK111

    SK111 Banned

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    No offence Constance. Some of you are grown *** men the others are just scumbags
    It seems you have been recruiting all the serial killers from all around Europe and Brazil
    What do you wanna us to see? Proteam who's been pking everyone in necropolis of devotion since day 7?
    If a toon isn't at least 20 lvls below proteam bsoe
    Tbh to join united you just need two traits
    1st trait to have some kind of mental disease
    2nd trait to be able only to pk who's trying to exp while beeing afk at work so no one
    can catch up with you in lvls therefore hurting everyone in the pocket on purpose
    1st if you are mentally healty you can't join United
    2nd if you have some sort of pvp skill you can't join United.
    Also this doesn't mean i'm talking only about the scum you have in your ranks
    the problem are your officers because in every clan if someone spends his entire
    day hurting some one in the pocket on purpose that someone is kicked out of the clan
    in united you can't join if you don't pk afkers

    I really want to see how you will handle the situation after the merge with real pvp players

    Last but not least if you post another video i will post all the insults you are doing on a
    daily basis in hero chat about nationality and report all of you to the support.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019