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Questions about the new Craft System

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Ilario, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Ilario

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    I've read the patch notes, but i still have doubts about what will happen to my recipes' book on 25/12. So, here are my questions to Innova, or to people who play on russian servers and know this stuff:

    1) The notes simply say "old recipes will be deleted (25.12.2019)": weapon and armor recipes i already have in my book will be deleted, or they stay but ingredients&mats to craft will change? Recipes i have in the warehouse will be "corroded" or simply vanish?

    2) Mats recipe will be obviously deleted, but i've read there would be adena compensation based on recipe level. Is it so?

    3) There is a list of recipe that will be sold by NPC Recipe Merchant; among them there is no R-grade armors and weapons. They'll drop from mobs? Will be be possible to craft R-grade stuff?

    Lastly i'd like to know how this new system actually works (i've hard about ether but there's nothing about it in the patch notes).