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UPDATE New Year with a new Premium Account!

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Dec 26, 2019.

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  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager

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    Meet the new premium account! You'll be pleasantly surprised when you see, how it has changed.

    Benefits New PA status
    EXP/SP bonuses while hunting + 100%
    Amount of Adena dropped + 50%
    Item Drop Rate + 50%
    EXP/SP bonus with active Vitality + 100%
    Vitality consumption while hunting - 10%
    Opportunity to launch the second window Yes
    Acquisition of PA points for playing 10 points = 5 minutes in-game
    PA Store is a special store which available to those who have Premium Accounts. Here you can get different items for PA Points. By the way, goods range has been updated. The full list of items can be found in L2wiki or in the game.

    Let's figure out how the new PA and Vitality system work. First of all, Vitality no longer affects the Item Drop Rate regardless of PA status. Secondly, 50% Adena Penalty no longer applies, if PA is activated.
    The table below helps you to answer the main question - Do new PA, Vitality and Maphr's Run affect on Item Drop Rate and Adena Drop amount?

    * Example: Basic Item Drop Rate is 20%
    Item/Buff/Status BoostBasisPAMaphr's Rune 100%High-grade Maphr's Rune 100%Sum bonusTotal chances
    Without PA100%   100%20%
    With PA100%50%  150%30%
    With Maphr's Rune 100%100% 100% 200%40%
    With PA and Maphr's Rune 100%100%50%100% 250%50%
    With PA, Maphr's Rune 100% and High-grade Maphr's Rune 100%100%50%100%100%350%70%

    *Example: Basic Adena Drop amount is 1000
    Item/Buff/Status BoostVitality PenaltyPAHigh-grade Maphr's Rune 100%Sum bonusTotal amount of Adena
    Without PA and with Vitality   100%1000
    Without Premium and without Vitality50%  50%500
    With Premium and without Vitality 50% 150%1500
    Without PA and Vitality, with High-grade Maphr's Rune 100%50% 100%100%1000
    Without PA,with Vitality and High-grade Maphr's Rune 100%  100%200%2000
    Without Vitality, with PA and High-grade Maphr's Rune 100% 50%100%250%2500
    With PA, Vitality and High-grade Maphr's Rune 100% 50%100%250%2500
    Please note,
    • Training Camp feature will be removed in the next major update.
    • The fishing is available, when PA is activated. It's a known issue, we are waiting a fix from the dev team.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2019
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