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Quest: Take your best shot (82+)

Discussion in 'Game Bugs (Archive)' started by DoomBr1nger, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. DoomBr1nger

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    in this quest you have to kill monsters in the plains of lizardmen, when you kill enough, you get the attention from quest monster tanta lizardman guard. this monster gives you ugoros seer pass, so you can speak to gatekeeper batrancos and meet this ugoros priest.
    the problem is that this tanta lizardman guard spawns randomly, even if you donâ´t have this quest it spawns, but you donâ´t get the item ofc.
    after a server restart it takes you about 30-60 minutes of non stop killing to make it spawn, but after a while it gets bugged (i suppose something like the rats from kanemika daily quest on mithrill mines) and you get 0 spawns of this quest monster even if you are killing there for 5 hours (true story :mad: )...
    is pretty annoying, this thing is the only reason you go to plains of lizardman cause the xp there ****s... so seeing it repaired would be a great relief.

    also, and as the bug about the rats respawn seems that allways keeps appearing, i could tell you that changing the way of getting this quest item could be another solution. there is another quest in the same place about getting vials on tanta blood, called figuring it out! . i suggest that when you get 500 vials (takes aprox 1h to get them) you could get the chance of choosing ugoros seer pass as reward. it keeps going with the "story" of the other quest, because u have killed a shipload of lizards :rolleyes:

    i hope you fix this, cannot be doing the quest just waiting for a server restart :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.