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IMPORTANT Packets capturing

Discussion in 'Important information' started by Senny, Feb 12, 2020.

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  1. Senny

    Senny Community Manager Innova Group

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    Dear players!

    Lately, we receive complaints about game crashes and disconnects during participation in the Olympiad, which leads to a loss of points. Together with the developers, we are trying to fix this problem, but we need your help in this. Specifically, we need network packets that are recorded when disconnects / critical errors, etc. take place.

    You can do this with the special program - Wireshark. Launch it and turn on packets capturing before teleporting to an arena. If there is a disconnect, then the program can be stopped, and the log file can be sent to the Support Service.

    We hope for a quick solution to the problem. Your help will definitely accelerate this process.

    Here is the instruction on how to use Wireshark:

    Wireshark is a traffic analyzer program for computer Ethernet networks and some others.
    You can download it from the official website: https://www.wireshark.org/

    Install Wireshark on your computer. Do not uncheck the npcap component during installation

    After starting, you will see the main window of the program (it is better to start it as administrator):


    Select the interface from which packets will be captured (to which you are connected):


    After that press Start capturing packets:


    After starting packet capturing, you can reproduce the problem (disconnect during the game, and so on).
    To stop the packet capture, click the Stop capturing packets button:


    Now save the captured packets:


    After that, you can archive and send the result to the support service.

    Please do not post these logs to the forum. They should be provided only at the request of the support service, or to a representative of the administration.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.