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Some "bugs" that I can't understand why are not seen and fixed...

Discussion in 'Activity (Maroon)' started by OficialneMON, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. OficialneMON

    OficialneMON User

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    First of all, forgiveness for the English. Come on!

    1 - EVERY TIME I have two clients open and for ANY random reason I have to close one of them or it has been disconnected, I can never EVER log into another account without having to close both clients. It doesn't make any sense to have to close two customers in order to play with two customers. If one is closed I should be able to open another and play.

    2 - Every time you register for event 3 vs 3 and you are called it is as if you have just logged into the server. The clan's warning window opens, missions too (in my case the dancer buffs himself again). What's the point of that? Wouldn't it be possible to maintain the dancers and also, obviously, remove the need to open these windows?

    3 - Sometimes the launcher needs to be closed and run again because it is "stuck" and you cannot click on anything ...

    4 - This is not a bug, but for me I played lineage as long as it was, it is difficult to get used to the current chat windows that do not have a separate top to keep "what we want" information there. We are obliged to use one of the chats for this, drag it upwards and even then we still don't have the same options and possibilities that we had before with the standard chat window ...
  2. xHaseo

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    1 - This happens when you are not owner of your own game. And all they care about is moneyz. The dualbox was announced around january and took over 1 month and half to fix. And ofc, it's not even fully working due to this problem.

    2 - This happens cause you're "changing server". Your toon literally log out from main server to log into the server that hosts the 3v3 or oly matches. It's annoying but it can't be helped.

    3 - Well. I mean. L2JAVA happens.

    4 - NCKorea is turning this game into a mobile p2w game, there's a lot of feature from korea that we don't have and never will. One of those feature is the possibility to log L2 from mobile to farm.
    And actually, instead of developing into the future and making game new and fresh, they just keep going back. They removed the 2nd window for dmg, the removed 2-3 skill bars from game, macros are useless as heck and also CPs are gone, making it impossible to say if you're getting hit by war or by mob while hunting.

    Time goes by and instead of moving forward we're going backward.