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Homunculus Update - Extra questions

Discussion in 'Activity' started by MindlessTV, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. MindlessTV

    MindlessTV User

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    Since update was launched I am still waiting for some info in patch notes or maybe someone from @Innova can answer to my questions:

    1. Can homunculus be upgraded from General type up to Top Grade? I am not speaking about leveling up to unlock Strenghten bonds.

    2. If you try to updrade new bracelets at Santiago in Heine (according to item description), you need Star Sign [​IMG] but I couldn't find any info how to obtain it (no info about this item in l2wiki). Can you tell me how can we get it and what chance? Upgrade from Santiago seems to be 100% successfull but cost a lot of money.

    3. I tried to upgrade new bracelets using Coumpoud option and got a lot of fails (8 fails in a row) to upgrade from Elementary Seed Bracelet to Mid-grade Seed Bracelet. Can you tell me what success rate does it have to upgrade?
  2. iFilda

    iFilda User

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    2) Star sign with a certain chance may be looted from bosses: Scarlet van Halisha, Octavis, Antharas, Tauti.
    3) Chances for compound are 25%, 25%, 33% and 33%.
    Read patch notes - l2wiki takes time to update and is behind several patches in some cases.
  3. Arbogast

    Arbogast User

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    1. seems you need to try to create new ones, pray and it might be advanced or the best one
    2. it is in the patchnotes. Can drop from Tauti, antharas etc
    3.chances are in the patchnotes. If you compound big amounts you will find the % stated true. You just tried small sample and got the bad luck.

    (25% from 1000 is 250) elementary -> intermediate ; used a bit more than 2 000 elementary and got 560 intermediate
    (25% from 250 is 62) Intermediate -> high grade; (got 122)
    (33% from 62 is 19) High grade -> top grade;(got 27)
    (33% from 19 is 6)Top grade -> Superior seed bracelet lvl 1; (got 5, just bad luck)