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Quo Vadis Innova - New Server ?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Therminius, Apr 19, 2020.


New modern chronicle server ?

  1. Yes! We want!

  2. No, this game is dead...

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  3. Yes, but only with cosmetic stuff in Game Shop.

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  4. Innova can't make a good L2 server ;(

  1. Therminius

    Therminius User

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    Dear Innovo, why in the era of "pandemics" when people have to sit at home, you haven't launched any L2 GOD + server yet? You have completely abandoned Western Europe and focused on RU markets. For both of us - players and Innova, it would be a great deal, a chance to improve PR, and for players a pleasant time that they spend at home anyway.

    Limitation of the subsidy system, zero P2W in the form that has been on Core for several years. The introduction of PA at the level of 5-7 euros per month.

    After all, you don't have to take the tests for a month, just a few days of close beta, on a copied Core 1: 1 to a new server, with the wipe an account database.

    Do it because currently, brands like L2Des .. etc take players and money from You;)