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Easy Guide to raffles for beginners.

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by Patri, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Patri

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    Hello and welcome new streamers! This time im serving you an easy and friendly user guide to raffle promocodes or those ingame items that you might think could help your viewers in their road to become a great warrior in the extraordinary world of Lineage2!
    Now because times have changed and we are probably going to need our eyes to watch our party members health bars while healing them or even checking if our soulshots are activated while fighting in great battles, i have decided to make this an audible and visual guide instead of a full time reading one.
    There are a lot of methods to host raffles on twitch, but this 3 gonna make change your perspective and make you think "oh wow its really easy"!
    First join Nightbot and link your twitch account for free.. Its gonna offer you an extra twitch chat bot mod with a lot of useful tools. Nightbot has 3 different types of giveaways systems: There is the active user one which choose as winner an user who has been active in an specifical window-period of time that can be set from 1 to 15 minutes, I dont really recommend this one because people often have disconnects or lags or even rather watch the streams on their second monitors while playing the game.

    Another one of the giveaways type from nightbot is the "Random number giveaway".
    In this one you can setup your chatbot to get a number from a minumun (1) to a maximum (50) as in the screenshot case, but this numbers are up to you and you can change them. Whoever guess first the number that the bot has given, this person will be the winner of the raffle.

    This time in specifical we are gonna talk about the nightbot "Keyword" giveaway type. This tool is the easiest one from this 3 and because the road to the heaven is usually very easy, i have chosen this one to explain you about.
    Moving forward the next tool you could use is the simple twitch givewaways chrome extension, this extension is gonna provide you a very simple and easy way to make your giveaways. I personally think this is the easiest and fastest one to use and setup. Once you have the extension installed you gonna be able to see and click the icon on the lower right side of your chat so you can setup the giveaway. Also everything on this extension is done from your browser, no external programs.. isn't it easy?​


    Last but not least we have the Streamlabs Cloudbot which can offer you a versatile chat bot for your chanel and it has the giveaways option as well, this one has a lot more choices and it looks more professional, although is a little bit less easy because most of the times its gonna work with the loyalty system. The loyalty system gives points to your viewers for spending time watching your stream but if you have new viewers who appear to join the stream just for the giveaways (which happens often) there is a high probability that this newcomers will not have points to buy tickets, but dont you worry! there is a simple way to make the tickets cost 0 loyalty points and on this way everyone will be able to participate and that will be explained on the link below!

    Of course there are a lot of twitch chatbots which can offer you tools to set up your raffles, but this 3 methods were voted by the asociation of l2 players who likes easy giveaways types as the easiest and most effective ones.
    I really hope and wish this guide has helped you make up easy to host a raffle on your chanel because there is nothing more satisfactory than the feeling of helping your viewers with a juicy 7 days premium account promo code, a consumables and party cakes promo code or even that beautiful Queen Ant's soul ring that you have recently stopped using because you upgraded to Baium Soul ring.

    So have fun and #StayHomePlayLineage2!