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random DCs with no internet problem

Discussion in 'Activity' started by thebigti, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Hello guys,i started playing on the server after 4 years again and i face the next strange problem.
    Last week i was leveling me mentees and all the time i have 2 windows online..my main char who is the mentor on Premium account and one 2nd window the mentee leveling up.When i have the mentor in a crowded city it got DC after 20-30 minutes and the mentee window was still online..after i moved the mentor on the Clan hall then there was not DC but sometimes one of the windows got disconnect from time to time...I was checking my interner conenction and the status showed that there was not disconnect during last 24-30 hours so it was not internet problem...sometimes both windows was getting DC.After i finished leveling my mentees i tried to farm phantasmal ridge with my feoh and domi and yet the same problem ,most of the times both windows were getting DC but the internet was ok..Yesterday i was playing league of legends on my pc and i had my 2 players farming on the same PC yet the 2 windows got Disconnected but i had no problem in the other game and not DC...so do you have any idea what is wrong? My PC is very good i dont think is problem of pc..my internet provider is garbage i have only 8 MBps but my internet does not seem to get disconnects..so any idea guys?? Maybe is the firewall,maybe is router setting,maybe DNS setting???Also i have 2 monitors connected on my pc
    thank you in advance..