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[Guide Contest] How to check A grade armor bonuses

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by Zowie, May 8, 2020.

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    This guide will answer the very important question that many new players are asking almost every week:
    where I can find A grade armor stats and bonuses?

    First, I want to mention that there is NO set bonus for A grade armor. By saying that, you can mix and match different parts from different A grade armor sets.

    So finally, how to check which A grade armor part has what bonus or stats?

    1. Navigate to the game bar and look for Game Assistant

    [​IMG] Gamer bar edited.png

    2. Choose Exchange Coupons at the bottom of the window

    Game assistant window edited.png

    3. In the following window you can choose which grade and which Armor/Weapon you want to take a look at. For A grade armor choose according what you're looking for Robe, Light or Heavy. There is also the Speacial Armor section, where you can see elemental armor parts for Ice, Flaming and Lightning armor.

    Armor menu.JPG

    4. Check for A grade armor part and compare them


    This isn't anything complex and it will easy help you to look back and compare armor parts and their bonuses/stats before you make any final decision.

    Few tips before you go:

    Nightmare Leather Gloves and Boots gives you Vampiric rage buff, which will absorb 2% of your damage. If you have both armor parts, it will combine to 4% and it works for both - Warriors and Mages, and Skills damage too. They are extremely useful for the Transcencendence Instance if you're struggling to kill all the monsters and spend a lot of HP potions.

    For your passive armor skill bonuss you only need body armor, it's either 1 piece body armor like Majestic Plate Armor or 2 piece body armor like Blue Wolf Breastplate and Blue Wolf Gaiters.

    Find your own way of playing by mixing the right parts for each situation. Yes, many people have multiple sets for different purposes/tasks.

    D/C/B Grade armor HAVE set bonuses.

    Since there is no set bonuss for wearing all the armor parts from the same set, doesn't mean you can't have all the parts and wear as a set. At least this way you don't look like a clown. You know that feeling when you wear different socks and someone notices it - looks weird? But this shouldn't affect your choice of armor parts.

    Death Knights can hide and show their real armor with toogle skill called Change Armor
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