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[Guide Contest Winner] Tips & Tricks about MANA REGEN (Pve Related)

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by Blekki, May 13, 2020.

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    Before starting, I'd like to tell you that this is a very specific guide on a very specific problem that concerns almost every class/race you choose to play in this version of L2 (The contents of the guide are updated to the Fluffy Reinforcement patch). Since there are a lot of differences between melee/mages, I will focus on MAGES for this guide. (Also because I'm a necro :p )
    I decided to give my 2-cents about this because every guide I've read is about a more wide and sometimes useless topic and nobody, for now, has covered this one in-depth.
    So, fasten your seatbelts and we go :)

    1. Intro

    As I wrote in the disclaimer, almost all players face the problem of mana regen because in L2Essence there isn't anything to recharge your mp (like potions/SE/EE with recharge).
    That's why in this guide, I will try to explain to you:
    • How to enhance your MP regen;
    • What is the most advisable to buy, from the budget to the most expensive;
    • Analyzing everything that can help you.
    2. Armors

    This paragraph will speak about that Robe-Armor that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • KNOWLEDGE SET (Cheapest Solution): I recommend the set [​IMG]+6, which will give +6 MP regen, and most important thing, it does not add cast speed. It's very easy to enchant and it's not very expensive since u can buy everything from the armor/grocery shop.

      Forget the Old-fashioned Karmian [​IMG] set :) because it doesn't give mp regen and give u cast spd that will consume your mana faster.
    • MIXED ROBE SET (A-B-C) (Average-cost Solution): I recommend to mix sets although, of course, it's more expensive. In fact, to have more mp regen, along with knowledge set, you can also add [​IMG] Zubei's Robe Helmet and [​IMG] Zubei's Robe Boots.
    • A ROBE ARMOR (Expensive Solution): If you have adenas to spend and you want to upgrade to A-Grade gear, the best option for mp regen are:
      • +5 Central robe armor (Dark Crystal, Majestic, Nightmare). It increases the MP Regen.
      • Majestic & Nightmare Robe Helmet gives 8% mp regen;
      • Dark Crystal & Tallum Robe Helmet Gives 5,5% mp regen (ofc they are cheaper).
    3. Bracelet & Talisman

    This paragraph will speak about bracelets and talisman that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • Talisman of Eva [​IMG] (Cheapest solution): You can buy this talisman for L-Coin (600/unlimited pieces each day) or for Adenas (600K/1 Piece each day). It helps you a lot because it is specifically designed to help you with mp regen.
      you can check all the bonus that you can have by enchanting the talisman.
      It's not easy to enchant but you definitely need it. In fact at +3, this talisman gives already +5 regen mp. I suggest to you trying to get it to +4/+5 at least.

    • Talisman Bracelet Lvl 4 (Very expensive solution): This item let you wear 4 different talismans (i.e. aden, speed, eva, venir) and gives you 7% mp regen.
      The reason behind the expensiveness of this item is related to the way you can reach it.
      In fact, you can:
      1) Buying from sellers for almost 100KK (price may change) or
      2) Compound the bracelet from lvl 1 to lvl 4. The compound rates are just 25%. So from lvl 1 to lvl 4 you will need, at least, 8 bracelet lvl 1 and a lot of luck. The compound system works like the one used for brooch jewels.

    4. Soul Crystal:

    This paragraph will speak about Soul Crystal that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • Aeore Soul Crystal[​IMG] (Average-cost solution): If you want more mp-regen you can try this solution. Infact in every weapon you can use 2 normal soul crystal + 1 special soul crystal. Higher is grade of your weapon and higher it will be the price to put the Soul crystal on it.
      Anyway to see the amount of mp regen this Soul Crystal can give to you just give a look Here (Check for Algiz Soul crystal. It's the last one of the chart, the name is different because the translation is wrong).
    • Anakim Soul Crystal[​IMG] (Expensive Solution): Beside the Aeore Soul crystal you can also add this special soul crystal. The price is very high. The reason of the high price is related to the effects of this item that you can check Here (scroll down untill you found a title: "Effects of special soul crystals").
      In brief, these are the bonus at lvl 6: Mage Atk. + 7%, MP recovery efficiency
      when using the skill +8. When the effect triggers using a skill, recovers 225 MP. Cooldown: 1 min.
    5. Agathions:

    • Procella: This is a promotional product and is not regularly sold in the store. It is impossible to get it now since it's related to an old event (You could buy it for L-Coin).
      Anyway what you should know is that there is an agathion called "Procella" [​IMG] which gives a slight reduction in the cost of spells.
    6. Brooch Jewels:

    This paragraph will speak about Jewels (brooch) that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • Spinel Jewel (Average-cost Solution): This is a jewel you can put on your brooch.
      You can obtain it from:

      1) L-coin store for 600 L-Coin (BE CAREFUL: The jewel you get from the pack it's random, so it's not 100% sure you get the spinel).

      2) Buying the spinel from sellers in towns.
      Here you can check the effect of the Spinel. In brief, at lvl 1: "When equipped with P. Def. Defense +20, Mage Defense +10, CON +1, using skills with a certain probability recovers 12 MP. When equipping two identical stones, the effect will only act on the highest level stone."
      You can increase the level of the spinel by compounding two spinel lvl 1, then two spinel lvl 2 and so on. Higher the level of the Spinel, lower the chance to compound it with one of the same level.
    7. Epic Jewels:

    This paragraph will speak about Epic jewels that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • Orfen Earring Lvl 3 [​IMG] (Most Expensive Solution): This is the most expensive and best option for mages. It saves us from problems with MP regen infact with his effect you can achieve "infinite" mana.

      In brief, Orfen lvl 3: "MP Consumption -5% The effectiveness of the received healing + 6% With a certain chance, transfers part of the damage inflicted to the enemy to MP. Max. MP +31 Chance and Resistance to Silence + 15% Chance and Resistance to Fear + 15% Chance and Resistance to Hold + 20%"
    8. Other items and stuffs for MP Regen:

    This paragraph will speak about Other Items/Stuffs that could help us to increase our mp-regen.
    • Wanderer Mark Lvl 4 (Free-solution): You can get this item by completing a quest (The Wanderer's Journey) that asks you to hunt mobs. It's really like these. No chance/No buy anything/No enchantment rates.

      In brief, the bonus are: "Awarded for completing the quest The Wanderer's Journey. When stored in inventory, the HP Recovery Bonus is + 20%, MP Recovery Bonus is + 25%."

    So, guys, this is it. For now I think I covered all the major aspects to have a higher mp regen.
    Of course, If you have any suggestion, FEEL FREE to comment below to improve this guide for other players.

    See you in game,
    Last edited: May 27, 2020
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    Thanks to your guide
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    Nice guide, my dad is playing a bishop and he beats me cause he always finds his char dead cause he ran out of mana, maybe with this tips we'll have a better relationship :)
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    Useful guide. Very good. Also my daddy is happy now. Love
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    Wow finally someone did some usefull guide.
    You clear out alot of my dubs, ty
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    You should update the guide and include now the mana helmet too! :D
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    Any tips for silver ranger? Indeed Im not mage and cant use robe etc
    Im always out of mp and seeking for a solution , just dont want to stop playing what char I like because of mp problem.
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    what about mana gain skill??