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[Guide Contest] Basic Guide for a Kamael Transformations! (Fluffy Reinforcement Update Edition)

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by Smajdalf, May 17, 2020.

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    My name is 0hp (from Blue) and I will try to help u if you are determined to play Kamael!

    I will tell you the basics about kamael transformations. I will leave out all class based informations to keep it clear for Kamael as race.

    After first class change you will receive Light Master LV.1 and after second class you will receive Shadow Master LV.1.
    These transformations are the true beauty of the race.

    For transformation you need 100 Light/Shadow Souls. You can always see how many souls you got under your buffs. Beware! Restart will erase all your souls, and when attending 3V3 olly all your souls will stay and wait for you on your server.

    Light transformation will change your apperance to angelic beeing giving you small stat boost and chance to recover mana when inflicting damage. This is the reason why most people use Kamaels as adena farming characters.
    Their mana sustain is best of all races and even after 3rd class change they have no mana issues at all.

    Light Mastery Lv2 is avillabe at lvl 60 and unlock Light Veil Lv 2 that gives additional stat bonuses and incease your MP/HP recovery over time (40hp and 4MP per second). If you have Light mastery Lv 2. You can start using it in PVP because these bonuses are usefull even for pvp. To learn Light Mastery Lv2 Book of Light is required. This books can only be droped from RBs or created in random craft.

    Shadow Transformation will turn you into the devil itself. Increasing your start significantly and gives you chance for extra damage with every damage you do. Shadow Veil is the thing that makes you strong in pvp. Try to proc shadow
    transform before entering any fight.

    Shadow Mastery Lv 2 is avillabe at lvl 70 and it will unlock Shadow Veil Lv 2. This is the game changer for you. Shadow Veil Lv 2 change some of your skills into ultimate one! Those skills will have significantly increased damage. Also stat bonuses are much highter . From my experience Shadow Veil lv2 increase my dmg by 100% at least. You need to get Book of Shadow to learn this skill. This books can only be droped from RBs or created in random craft.


    So now we know what transformations do. But how to reach them?

    First way is by attacking. You gain souls by killing mobs or even doing a critical hit. Light souls absorb much faster than Shadow ones.

    Or you can use 4 skills in total to boost your souls. 2 for Light and 2 for Shadow.

    Absorb Light/Shadow Souls is your best friend. This skill will give you 2 light/shadow souls and help you get closer to Light/Shadow Veil. With its cooldown 5second and ability to be Auto-used you will use this skill as main Light/Shadow Soul gatherer in PVE.


    Also you can use Collect Light/Shadow Souls. That will give you 70 light souls. But it cost 30 Spirit ore and got 15 minut CD, so it´s more for emergency or PVP situations.
    Collect Light/Shadow Soul Skills can be lvled up to LV 2 after 3rd class change. Level 2 Collect will give you 100 souls of its color with same CD and Spirit ore cost. Making you capable to instantly transform. But you need Crystal of Light/Shadow to learn Lv 2.
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