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EVENT May luck be with you

Discussion in '2020' started by Artchem, May 18, 2020.

  1. Artchem

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    A mountain ascetic Master Yogi once again came down from the mountain peaks and is traveling around Elmoreden. The wise old man recruits students who will study the mystery of weapon enchantment. The most successful students will be greatly awarded!

    ♥ Event Schedule


    ♥ Description

    1. Mountain Ascetic Master Yogi
    • Mountain Ascetic Master Yogi returns to the towns of Elmoreden to once again share his knowledge and experience in science of enchantment with habitants of Elmoreden!
    • Yogi can be found in major towns and villages (except Kamael Village and the Death Knights' base), use /target Yogi for easier search.

    2. Event item drops
    • During the event, Scroll: Enchant Yogi's Weapon will be dropping from normal monsters directly in the players' inventories – no need to pick up! However, the scroll cannot be obtained from bosses and their minions, as well as in Transcendent Instance Zones.
    • When hunting "blue" monsters (11 or more levels difference), the scroll does not drop.
    • When "AoE-attacking", that is, when using a standard attack or skills dealing damage to multiple targets at the same time, the penalty for dropping event items is applied (the base drop rate is reduced to 33%).
    • Sayha's Grace does not affect the scroll item drop rate. You will receive the scroll even without SG!
    • In addition, the event item drop rate varies depending on the time of day (server time):
    • The event item drop rate depends on the number of characters simultaneously killing monsters at a time. This means that event item drop rate is usually reduced during peak hours (daytime and evening). Therefore, the above-mentioned bonus to the event item drop rate is applied to distribute event items in the worlds during these hours in a more fair manner.
    • Drop from monsters is an additional way to get an enchant scroll, the main one is to buy it in the Master Yogi's store.

    3. Master Yogi's Store
    • During the event, players have to enchant a special Yogi's Weapon. Speak with Master's Yogi to purchase everything you need for enchantment.
    • The specified price is given for 1 item. There is no limit on the purchase.
    • Yogi's Weapon is not a stackable item, which means that, like other similar items, it can be purchased from NPC only by 1 piece at a time.

    4. Event Daily Mission

    • During the entire event, the daily event mission Master Yogi's Request will be available in the mission window (Hunting tab).
    • The mission can be completed by each character in the account.

    5. Yogi's Weapon Enchantment
    • Master Yogi suggests trying out the scientific theory of enchantment in practice: to do this, you will need the Yogi's Weapon and the Scroll: Enchant Yogi's Weapon.
    • The enchantment process for event weapons is completely the same as for regular weapons:
      • double-click on the Scroll: Enchant Yogi's Weapon in the inventory;
      • drag the the Yogi's Weapon in the weapon slot in the enchant window;
      • click on the "Start" button.
    • Safe enchantment is up to +4. Maximum enchantment is up to +16.
    • Yogi's Weapon disappears upon failure, no crystals are given.
    • Yogi's Weapon can only be enchanted with a special event scroll. Others don't fit.
    • Racial bonus 1st Place in the List of Ranks for Level Among Dwarves does not affect the enchant rate for Yogi's Weapon.
    • Like a normal enchanted weapon, the event sword starts to glow blue or red depending on the enchant level.
    • Enchant the weapon, bring it to the Master Yogi and get a reward! The value of the reward depends on the enchant level (see the Rewards section).
    • The base enchant rate for Yogi's Weapon is as follows:

    ♥ Rewards

    • Master Yogi will award you for an enchanted Yogi's Weapon, the value of the reward depends on the enchant level.
    • The reward can only be obtained for enchanted weapons +5 or higher (1-4 is not eligible).
    • To get a reward, you must have only one Yogi's Weapon in your inventory. If you have several event weapons, put the rest in your private warehouse, otherwise Yogi will not accept weapons from you.
    • A-grade Armor/Weapon Packs contain sealed (non-tradable) equipment.
    • Rare Accessory Pack Lv. 1 contains normal (tradable) accessories.
    • +5 Top-grade A-grade Weapon Pack contains normal (tradable) weapons.
    • +5 Boss Weapon Pack contains normal (tradable) weapons.

    ♥ Coupon Exchange

    • You can get a Top-grade A-grade Weapon Coupon for a +13 Yogi's Weapon. This coupon can be exchanged with Master Yogi for a non-enchanted top A-grade weapon of your choice.
    • Weapons cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, or shared within account.

    ♥ Additional Notes

    1. Passive Skill
    • Equipping a Yogi's Weapon grants a special passive effect.
    • The effect does not change depending on the enchant value (always the same).

    2. Private Warehouse
    • Among other things, Master Yogi offers the private warehouse service right on the spot, without being distracted from exciting enchantment!

    3. Event Items
    • Main event items Yogi's Weapon and Scroll: Enchant Yogi's Weapon cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, or shared within an account.
    • Yogi's Weapon is a no-grade one-handed physical sword.
    • Yogi's Weapon cannot be augmented or enhanced with a Soul Crystal, but can be used with Soulshots.
    • Yogi's Weapon appearance can be modified with the Emerald Weapon Appearance Stone.
    • Yogi's Weapon has stats similar to a top D-grade weapon:
      • P. Atk. : 92
      • M. Atk. : 54
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    Remember when yogi was cool?

    Will miss +10 enchant yogi. RIP

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    It's same reward, just renamed.
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