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[Guide Contest Winner] Ultimate Death Knight guide

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by DoomerDK, May 20, 2020.

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    Ultimate Death Knight guide by Doomer
    Lineage 2 Essence EU BLUE

    Table of contents

    1. General information
    2. Skills
    2.1 Physical skills
    2.2 Reinforcement skills
    2.3 Weaken skills
    2.4 Transform skills
    2.5 Special skills
    2.6 Passives
    3. Equipment
    3.1 Weapon
    3.2 Armor
    3.3 Jewelery (Rings/earrings/necklace)
    3.4 Special (Dyes, Hat, Belt, Cloak, Talismans, Agathions, Jewels etc.)
    4. Leveling

    1. General information

    Death knight is the newest class addition to Lineage II Essence. It is a melee fighter class, that utilizes ignoring enemy defense on his physical damage skills, having good utility and crowd control skills while being relatively tanky and being able to dish out huge area of effect damage bursts in late game situations. Very reliant on high level spell books, that are quite hard or expensive to acquire. This class uses 1h sword + sigil and light and/or heavy armor.

    Human – Most universal DK. Has good all-around stats, a little bit more HP than the other death knights. Beginner friendly.
    Dark elf – Has the highest damage out of all 3 races. Excels at 1v1 due to dark elf having hex and power break debuffs. Has the biggest damaging AOE ability out of all 3 races - Lightning storm. A little bit squishier than the other races. Recommended for advanced players.
    Elf – Fastest and most fit to be the tank version of DK. Elf’s AOE ability Frozen field freezes the enemies in place for several seconds after it lands, making it the best DK for massive pvp battles (10v10+, castle sieges, etc.). Recommended for playing in big pvp clans/alliances.

    2. Skills

    In this part I will go through what our skills REALLY do and how and why they can be used in various different scenarios.

    2.1 Physical skills

    [​IMG]Low cooldown, low mana cost. This is your bread and butter, your go-to spam skill. Has a little ‘hidden’ passive that comes from your passive called “Undying will”. It gives 15% chance for punishment to do extra (+50%~) damage. This is THE skill to have turned on toggle when auto AFK farming.
    [​IMG]A little bit stronger than punishment, however with 10 sec cooldown. Works very well in a solo target burst rotation (Punishment -> Wipeout -> Punishment). Can have it toggled on when auto AFK farming, however it’s not needed and sometimes not efficient. When the loop rotations comes to wipeout and your wipeout is on cooldown your character will make a basic attack instead.
    Has a little bit higher range than Punishment and Wipeout. Lower damage than your 2 other skills and higher mana cost makes it inefficient for PVE, therefore not recommended in AFK farming .
    One more good thing about fists of fury is that this skill sometimes regenerates 2 extra DP so it can be used in situations where you have enough mana to spend and need to recover your DP more quickly. For example - when you’re filling your DP bar before an Olympiad fight.
    For the most part this is your ‘filler’ skill in PVP that you fill the gaps between your punishments when wipeout is on cooldown:
    Punishment -> Wipeout -> Punishment -> Fists of fury -> Punishment -> Fists of fury -> Punishment etc.
    Another advanced trick in PVP regarding fists of fury – when you’re trying to damage an enemy that is constantly running away from you, it is very good to use such a rotation:
    Deadly Pull -> Punishment -> Fists of fury and repeat until the target is dead. This is only possible because of the longer range that fists of fury offers.
    Very important skill in DK's arsenal as it is one of the two AOE skills the class has to offer. Good damage and a VERY strong debuff that decreases opponent's physical AND magical defense by 40%. Very good in both PVP and PVE AOE farming .

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. Lv. 75 and 80 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1%
    2. Random craft
    3. Buying from people
    Human death knight ONLY

    The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Human DK has to offer. Damage scales directly from P. Atk. This is where your AOE burst damage comes from. It does 2 BIG damage ticks and applies a burning damage over time effect (the DOT effect damage is quite low).

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance
    2. Baium, 3%~ chance
    3. Random craft
    4. Buying from people
    Dark elf death knight ONLY

    The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Dark elf DK has to offer. Damage scales directly from P. Atk. This is where your AOE burst damage comes from. It does 3 BIG damage ticks and has the biggest AOE damage overall when compared to Burning field or Frozen field.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance
    2. Baium, 3%~ chance
    3. Random craft
    4. Buying from people
    Elf death knight ONLY

    The 2nd and the biggest AOE damage ability that Elf DK has to offer. It is actually very different from the other races, since this one FREEZES all opponents caught in this skills effect. It is one of the best skills in the whole game in massive PVP battles, since you can CC big groups of people at the same time. It comes with a price of course and deals significantly less damage than Burning field or Lightning storm.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. EPIC raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance
    2. Baium, 3%~ chance
    3. Random craft
    4. Buying from people
    2.2 Reinforcement skills

    Will only mention DK class specific buffs.

    [​IMG]One of the main reasons DKs can be quite tanky, increases the HP and CP pool by A LOT at higher levels.
    Summons a shield in front of the character that absorbs all projectiles and spells coming from the frontal direction ONLY. This is a VERY strong defensive buff against archers and mages (it absorbs divine beam too) as long as you're facing towards them and are not in melee range. Death guard level 2 also reduces ALL damage taken by 10% for the duration of the buff. It means it is also viable against melee damage dealers. Especially good skill in PVP, but can work quite well in some scenarios of PVE too.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. Lv. 65 Group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1%
    2. Lv. 80 Solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5%
    3. Buying from people
    [​IMG]Chance (high) to fear enemies for a few seconds when they hit you. Very useful buff in PVP, most of the time just activate it before the fight starts, since it lasts for 1 minute and it should be enough for the whole fight. Can be used in PVE as well in situations when you pull more monsters on you than you could normally handle.

    Simple 5 minute duration buff that increases the offensive stats by quite a bit.
    Short (30sec) buff that increases the attack speed by 100%. Very good in PVP and a little bit less, but still useful in PVE. Mostly used before acquiring Ultimate DK transformation.
    Human death knight ONLY

    Chance on hit to put a damage (low) over time effect and reduce the target's P./M. defense by around 15-20% for 3 seconds.

    Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks.
    Dark elf death knight ONLY

    Chance on hit to paralyze the enemy.

    Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks.
    Elf death knight ONLY

    Has a chance on hit to slow opponent's Atk. Spd, Cst. Spd and Speed.

    Spellbook can be bought at any grocery shop that sells spellbooks.
    2.3 Weaken skills

    A strong CC ability, that puts the target in a bone cage for 5 seconds (10 seconds if you are an Elf DK). Can be used to setup your burst very well. Can be used defensively on your allies as well, however it is quite hard to pull off successfully. The caged target is immune to all damage for the duration of the cage. Can be cleansed.
    Good trick in 1v1 PVP - Damage your opponent with your single target skills to take away his CP -> Bone cage -> Come close to the target and once the cage ends use Hellfire + your other AOE skill to finish the opponent.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. Lv. 70 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1%
    2. Lv. 80 solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5%
    3. Buying from people
    [​IMG]Solo target debuff ability. Recommended only in 1v1 combat or small skirmishes. Especially good vs dagger classes.
    AOE debuff (around your character). Very similar to Hierophant's block windwalk skill. Mostly PVP skill, good in massive and small numbers PVP. Can be efficiently used to chase targets. For example Deadly pull -> Deadly Ligament Rupture -> Deadly pull -> Damaging abilities.
    Can be used in PVE to aggro monsters around you before you get ready to AOE.
    2.4 Transform skills

    This transformation alone makes the character 50%~ stronger. It is THE skill to have as a DK, however it is VERY hard to obtain. Increases offensive stats by a big margin, gives speed and decreases the received healing penalty. It is highly recommended to go full STR build after your obtain the Ultimate DK transformation, since it boosts your p.atk by 40%. After you have the transform and go full STR, your race-specific AOE damaging ability (Burning field, Lightning storm, Frozen field) becomes VERY strong. Late-game DK with transform, full STR build and good equipment can alone kill groups of people with just Hellfire + Burning field / Lightning storm combination.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. Baium, 0.5% - 1% chance
    2. Avatar of Antharas, ~2% chance
    3. Antharas, ~20% chance
    4. Random craft
    5. Buying from people
    2.5 Special skills

    [​IMG]One of the most useful skills in PVP that DK has to offer. Good in solo/small skirmish PVP to chase down targets but it EXCELS in big group, clans or alliances PVP battles. Whenever someone gets too close (700 range is actually quite far), pull them and they will, most of the time, instantly die from your allies' focus fire.
    After you kill an enemy in PVP, you are able to use Soul Steal skill on their corpse. It does give you a small buff, however it only lasts 10 seconds. My personal thoughts are that the skill is bugged and the received buff should last way longer than it currently does, especially when in the skill description it says it can stack up to 4 times. Lasting 10 seconds while having 10 minute cooldown does not add up. Currently it is a useless skill and does not deserve a slot on the shortcut bar.
    Death knight class suffers heavily from not having enough DP. Once you have this skill, the class becomes A LOT better at both PVP and PVE. The spellbook is quite hard to obtain tho.
    For PVP - this means you can use your hellfire + Burning field / Lightning storm / Frozen field whenever you see fit instead of having to save it. Especially important in big PVP fights (epic bosses, castle sieges).
    For PVE - this enables us to actively AOE farm with our double AOE skill combo. Instead of being able to AOE once every 5-10 minutes, we can do it every minute. Increases exp gains by a tremendous amount.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. LV. 80 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1% chance
    2. Buying from people
    2.6 Passive skills

    In this part I will briefly go through DK class specific passives.

    When your character takes lethal damage, instead of dying your HP/CP/MP gets set to 1 and you become immune to any kind of damage for 3 seconds (you can still be crowd controlled by skills like Bone cage, sleep etc.). After the immunity ends and IF you have more than 300 DP, your HP is restored to full, however if you are CC'ed, your HP does not restore. If you don't have 300 DP, nothing happens after the 3 second immunity ends.
    - Keep in mind, once this passive is triggered you are immortal for a few seconds BUT your mana is set to 1 and you can't use any skills for a few seconds until you get some mana back.
    - If you see you are losing the PVP fight and you know your passive is about to get triggered, what you can do is open your teleport menu and teleport to town safely while you have the damage immunity for 3 seconds (can avoid dying and/or save a BSOE).
    [​IMG]Very important passive. Holy attacks do more damage to DKs, meaning we have a hard time against holy attacks based characters, especially when they have Divine beam. On the other hand, drain attacks have worse effect, this passive is the reason why classes that rely on drain like Dominator are not a big threat to Death knights. Reduced received healing part is something we have to deal with until we get our hands on Ultimate Death Knight Transformation, which reduces the penalty. This passive also sometimes (15%/20%) increases the attack power of your 2 spammable single target damage abilities - Punishment and Fists of fury. Some extra racial bonuses as well, but they are quite insignificant.
    This passive is very interesting and a lot of Death Knights don't use it at all. It is a free 10% P. Atk and 100 Atk. speed buff when you are in chaotic state (when you have Karma). It does not mean you need to kill everyone around you, a neat trick is to make a low level box character on another window of Lineage 2 and just kill that when you need this buff, or ask your friends or clan members to do that for you.

    This passive could be good at:
    1. Olympiad games
    2. Raid bosses
    3. Small scale PVP
    Can be used at large scale PVP, however proceed at your own risk, since you will always be a target of mass chain pull that tanks have when you are in chaotic state, since it only targets flagged or chaotic state characters.

    Currently when a DK is in chaotic state, the AOE abilities DO NOT do damage nor inflict debuffs to flagged targets. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT not to be in a chaotic state during any kind of PVP. At the moment it is only good to use it if you're killing raid bosses and don't expect any kind of PVP. I'm not sure if it is a bug or it is meant to be that way.
    Death points (DPs) are an additional resource that Death knight class uses. DPs are used for some of our skills - a few buffs and our AOE damaging abilities. There is no passive DP regeneration, this means there are only a few ways to restore DPs:
    1. Hitting any target (monsters, NPCs in town, other players)
    2. Using Fists of Fury, since it sometimes restores 2 extra DP
    3. Devour (requires a rare Spellbook)
    One of the crucial pieces to fixing your mana problems. Requires a spellbook (and adena 10mil/30mil for lvl2/3) for EACH level.

    Requires a spellbook, that can be obtained in one of the following ways:
    1. Lv. 65 and 70 group raid bosses, 0.5% - 1%
    2. Lv. 70 and 75 solo raid bosses, 0.1% - 0.5%
    3. Buying from people
    3. Equipment

    You can check the stats of all weapons and armors in the Exchange coupons section of the Game Assistant!

    3.1 Weapons

    Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)
    Do not worry about your weapon too much since none of your skills scale with P. Atk. except the late game AOE skill (Burning field / Lightning storm / Frozen field). The only thing that improves your damage from the weapon is the Soulshot Damage +%. Aden weapon +4 will be enough until you can get your hands on a Samurai Longsword (top C 1h sword). Once you have that, you may as well stick with it for a long time, since C grade still requires only 1 soulshot per attack and it is better to invest into other things first rather then weapon.

    Late game (80+)
    Sirra's blade (or Zaken's sword if can afford it) is the sword you aim for your late game character development. Once you have it, you want to make it +5 as soon as possible since it has Soulshot Damage +7%, after that, start working on your Soul crystals. Enchanting A grade weapons more than +5 is not recommended early, because the chance is VERY low.

    Soul crystals
    Samurai Longsword - This is your PVE farming weapon, try to put a low level Aeore soul crystal as soon as you can, it is cheap and will help you with the mana problems.

    Sirra's blade / Zaken's sword - we have a few options regarding SCs and I will shortly go through them:
    Tyrr's Haste (Atk. Spd. +%) - Viable option, however I think other soul crystals are simply better. Before transform you want to keep your attack speed below 850 since then you can auto loop with just punishment on and there wont be any auto-attacks in between. After transform we have enough attack speed as it is.
    Sigel's HP (Max HP +%) - Very good option for PVP. Scales well and gives a lot of HP. Even better now that Boots of evasion got introduced into the game, once you have them and make them +5, you get P./M. def depending on your max HP (at 20k hp you get around 200 P./M. def). Highly recommended for PVP focused players.
    Othell's Focus (P. Critical rate +) - Good all around option for both PVE and PVP. Highly recommended to use once you have Ultimate DK transformation, since the transform boosts our critical damage by a lot and you want to crit more often.
    Yul's Critical damage (P. Critical damage +) - Another good option for both PVE and PVP. Big damage comes from critical hits and this make them hit even harder.
    Lilith's Soul crystal - Rare and expensive. Comes as your 3rd soul crystal. Hp recovery rate +, P. Atk +%, restores HP after a regular attack.

    3.2 Armor

    Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)
    Once you feel the need to upgrade your Moon armor set you have a few options.
    1. Get full plate set, it is better to find people selling it rather than buying it from the shop (better buy L1000 or L8000, sell them for adena and then buy C grade equipment).
    2. If you have a little bit more funds to spare, I suggest skipping C grade and going straight for B grade. At this point in the game all you want is mana regeneration so you can EXP faster.

    2 items BW light - MEN+3, INT-2, MP Recovery Bonus +5.26%
    2 items Doom light - DEX+1, MP Recovery Bonus +5.26%, P. Atk. + 2.7%

    Late game (80+)
    When you start thinking about A grade armor, you can start replacing your B grade items 1 by 1, since A grade items DO NOT have set bonuses. We have multiple options here.

    Tallum Helmet (Light) - Good starter helmet for PVE, cheap and has good mana regeneration (MEN+1, +8% MP Recovery rate).
    Helm of Nightmare (Heavy) - Good choice for PVP, since it has a passive that reflects 5% of received damage.
    Dark Crystal Helmet (Robe) - Good for both PVE and PVP against physical damage dealers (MEN+1, +5.5% MP Recovery rate, +8% P. Def.)
    Tallum Helmet (Robe) - Good for PVP against mages (MEN+1, +5.5% MP Recovery rate, +8% M. Def.)
    Helmet of mana (EPIC) - Best in slot item. Very expensive, but it is best for both PVE and PVP.

    Tallum Gloves (HEAVY) - Decent starter gloves for PVE, cheap.
    Gloves of Nightmare (Light) - Best in slot for PVE. Absorbs 2% of inflicted damage as HP (vampiric rage).
    Gloves of Silence (EPIC) - Best in slot for PVP. Passive chance to silence enemy on hit. This proc will win you some fights.

    Tallum Boots (Heavy) - Decent starter boots for PVE, cheap.
    Boots of Nightmare (Light) - A very good choice for PVE. Absorbs 2% of inflicted damage as HP (vampiric rage).
    Majestic Boots (Heavy) - Good all-around choice for both PVP and PVE. 7 speed is the highest you can get from all A grade boots (except Boots of Evasion) and 50 Atk. speed comes in handy as well.
    Boots of Evasion (EPIC) - Best in slot item. Very expensive, but it is best for both PVE and PVP.

    Body armor
    Tallum Plate Armor (Heavy) - Decent starter armor for PVE, cheap.
    Armor of Nightmare (Heavy) - Good choice if you need sleep/hold resistance in PVP.
    Majestic Plate Armor (Heavy) - Good choice if you need stun resistance in PVP.

    Ice Crystal Breastplate (EPIC)
    Ice Crystal Gaiters (EPIC)
    Leather Armor of Lightning (EPIC)
    Leather Leggings of Lightning (EPIC)

    Choosing the epic Body armor pieces really come down to preference. We are a class that has both Heavy and Light armor masteries mixed in one, meaning we can mix light/heavy items and not lose out on the mastery bonus (we can use Lightning top and Ice crystal bottom for example).
    Lightning set is a little bit better for PVE. Slightly less defense, but a little bit more offensive stats. Once enchanted to +5, the items reduce mana consumption.
    Meanwhile Ice Crystal set gives more survivability and, in general, is a bit better for PVP. Once enchanted to +5, the items give extra HP/MP.

    3.3 Jewelery

    Currently everyone has access to Valakas' Necklace (event). You can get it in-game from the L2 store by claiming the "Newbie Gift" which is free and can only be claimed once per account. This is a very good necklace and should be used by everyone. Therefore I will skip talking about necklaces in this part of the guide.

    Early/mid game (pre Lv. 80)
    Once you feel the need to upgrade from the free jewelery, I would recommend going for top B (Black ore) or low A (Phoenix) jewelery pieces. These are quite cheap and very cost efficient. Enchanting Black ore to +4 is not expensive as well so that should be done as soon as possible. Phoenix pieces will require a bit more investment, since A grade enchants are a bit more expensive. Phoenix jewelery items can be unsealed for some extra M. Def. and MP, it requires 1 Cloth piece per item to be unsealed (unsealing is not necessary).

    Late game (80+)
    You have a little bit more options here.
    First of all, if you are struggling in PVP against mages and want to simply boost your M. Def. as high as possible, I would recommend getting 2 Majestic rings and 2 Majestic earrings, unsealing them and enchanting to +4.
    Secondly, you have an option to get 1 Ring of Insolence and 1 Dragon Valley earring. The effects on these jewelery pieces do not stack, so it is recommended to only use 1 of each.
    The Ring of Insolence and DV earring are only really good once you enchant them to +5 and +7 marks. It is not recommended to use these before having them enchanted to +5. Majority of people stick around for a while with the +5 version of these items, since making them to +7 is quite hard and/or expensive.



    Once you have all other gear and start to think about investing into Epics, you usually know what you want/need. Generally speaking - all epics are good, but they are worth to invest only if you can make/buy them level 2 or 3.
    At level 2, all EPIC jewelery become Best in slot items.
    Zaken - very good for PVE because of the vampiric rage effect. Crucial to solo grind end game spots like TOI 6 or higher, Orc barracks, LOA.
    Orfen - decent for PVE if you have mana problems.
    AQ/Baium - Increases our offensive stats.

    3.4 Special

    Before 3rd profession change
    +12 MEN - 15 INT dyes. They will help a lot with your mana problems.

    After 3rd profession change but before Ultimate DK transformation
    I would strongly recommend having +12 MEN - 12 INT. With these dyes you should be able to reach 45 MEN bonus, that gives +200 M. Def. and they will help a lot with your mana problems.

    After Ultimate DK transformation
    This is the moment when you go full STR on your character and try to reach 70 STR bonus that gives P. Skill critical damage +200. +12 STR from dyes is a must to achieve this bonus.
    Recommended dyes are +12STR -6DEX (or +12STR - 12DEX if you don't have access to the good dyes).
    If you plan to reach 50 DEX together with 70 STR (which is very hard, but possible to achieve), then you should consider going -CON instead of -DEX.

    Early - Look for a cheap hat with MEN and/or Experience bonuses.
    Late - as much STR as possible.

    Depending on what is available on the server at the time. Currently, what you want, is Cloak of Protection and try to enchant it to +7. From +7 you start getting critical damage bonus and that's what you want as a DK.

    Dragon belt +5 is mandatory. The most important Special item to have for sure. The +80 extra HP recovered from potions is huge. Our class doesn't have any potion mastery, so having Dragon belt +5 makes your HP potions heal 130 instead of 50.

    Early - Any sigil with MEN or as much MP as possible (more mana means more mana restoration from Drain Magic Energy passive).
    Late - Majestic Sigil +5 with STR and/or MAX HP increase.

    Depending on what is available on the server at the time. Currently, the minimum that you want when looking to invest into Pendant is Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 2. Received damage -10% is HUGE.

    Brooch jewels
    Choose what you you need depending on how many slots you got available in your Brooch. My personal priority list:

    PVE priority
    1. Moonstone (Experience +%)
    2. Onyx (Soulshot damage +%)
    3. Spinel (P. Def, M. Def, stats)
    4. Zircon (Critical damage +%)
    5. Coral (Atk. speed)
    6. Opal (Resistance to stun/pull/silence/paralysis/fear +%)

    PVP priority
    1. Onyx (Soulshot damage +%)
    2. Opal (Resistance to stun/pull/silence/paralysis/fear +%)
    3. Spinel (P. Def, M. Def, stats)
    4. Zircon (Critical damage +%)
    5. Amber (Chance to interrupt and do fixed amount of damage)
    6. Coral (Atk. speed)

    All talismans are really good (well maybe except speed unless it's +8 or higher). My personal priority list:

    1. Aden - Can't pass on extra experience gains.
    2. Eva - Helps with mana problems due to MAX MP increase and decreased MP consumption on skils.
    Anything after that, depending which talismans you have and how many talisman slots you have in your Talisman Bracelet.

    1. Authority - As high as possible, this talisman is THE best talisman in the game once enchanted high enough.
    2. Baium - Very hard to get, but is really good as well for offensive stats.
    3. Eva - M. Def and -Received critical dmg %.
    4. Aden - Slight gains to P. Atk., P./M. Def, HP/MP.
    5. Venrir - Slight STATS gains.
    6. Speed - If you have an open slot in your talisman bracelet.

    There are 5 different agathions in Essence.
    If you have access to them and have Agathion bracelet Lv. 5 you can have all of them equipped.

    Below +5 all agathions only give a very small bonus to M. Def.
    At +5 and higher they give extra bonuses which are very good.

    These are the bonuses of agathions +5 or higher
    Ignis - P./M. Atk. +%
    Nebula - All critical rate +%
    Procella - Atk. spd. / Casting Spd. +
    Petram - P./M. Def. +%
    Joy - Acquired XP/SP +%, max HP/MP/CP +%

    4. Leveling

    I will go through the best leveling spots at certain levels. To maximize your experience gains, you want to level at places where the monsters respawn quickly and the distance between the monsters is small.
    Keep in mind higher level zones and monsters does not mean more experience per hour. Some of the zones might have too many people and it makes it not worth to stay there!

    Lv. 1-45
    Once you create your character you have to follow the single quest line that starts at the newbie guide. It will take you through multiple early game zones, provide you with starter gear and teach you some of the basic mechanics that are in Lineage 2 essence.

    At Lv. 40
    You can start doing Transcendent Instance Zone. It is a 10 minute instance that provides very good experience and is possible to enter once per day. Strongly recommended to use all available +EXP consumables while doing this instance.

    Lv. 45-60
    Fields of massacre
    Plains of Glory

    Lv. 60-76
    The patriot's necropolis - This is THE BEST spot at these levels regarding both experience and adena gains. However, it can be contested quite often. Not recommended to leave the character AFK farming for long periods of time .
    Cruma tower Lv. 3
    Devil's Isle

    Lv. 76-80
    Necropolis of Devotion
    Devil's Isle
    Cruma tower Lv. 2

    Lv. 80+
    Once you reach this stage you should test late game zones yourself, the most efficient zones will be different depending on how strong your character is.

    Recommended zones for DKs:
    Necropolis of Devotion (until Lv. 82)
    Cruma tower Lv. 2 (until Lv. 82)
    Tower of Insolence
    DV tunnel (narrow tunnel in north-northwest part of DV that has very good monster density)
    North lizardmen spot (density is better than in the big South lizardmen zone, however this spot is more contested)

    Late game AOE leveling
    Our class is one of the few classes in game that can solo farm INSANELY well once you have all your late game components ready.

    Ultimate Death Knight transformation
    Preferably Lv. 85
    Epic jewelery items helps A LOT

    Recommended zones for AOE:
    Primavel Garden
    Tower of Insolence 6 (can do in lower floors as well)
    Orc barracks
    Heavenly rift (requires a Heavenly rift ticket to enter that can be acquired from Unidentified rocks that drop in TOI or bought from people)
    Lair of Antharas

    Hopefully the guide helped and one day you too will become a shiny, fiery skeleton warrior!
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    Thanks god, finally a decent guide we needed... not like these 'how to donate' and 'how to lose 4k euro with GORKA method and get nothing' wtf? Everything looks nice but i guess you've forgotten about pvp/olympiad tips. Could you share how many friends you need for oly feedwaves? 5 or 10? cause im not sure?