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An Appeal To The Developers

Discussion in 'Players asking players' started by Jon Irenicus, May 22, 2020.

  1. Jon Irenicus

    Jon Irenicus User

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    Hi guys, I don't know where to put this thread so I'm just gonna post this here.

    Lately I found it difficult to be motivated to continue investing and raising my character on essence. I have several characters that are on the higher level right now because I started essence only a few months after it released. Now I am a big spender on lineage and always spend money on games that I love because it helps the developers. You love the game, you help out the dev.

    Lately it's not really motivating anymore as it is hard to be competitive in this game. There are loot items that is hard to get in game. Normally in other Lineage game like for example Lineage Live, top level items, although is not easy to get but are readily available IN GAME. Once in a while there are events to level out whenever there is a lack of certain in game items. Sadly here in Essence, that is not the case. I have been looking out for top gear items to be available and I am willing to spend money on however it is almost not available even on private stores. To get these top gears, you have to fight through boss raids against other players... who mostly are well geared with top gear items due to their clan... which is almost impossible with the pk system implemented on the game. Another option would usually be private stores, but these items are almost not available which leads to the last option which is the events... and oh boy Essence events are crazy. A gambling event that gives you mostly trash items while the top gear items is almost impossible to get with those ridiculous gambling percentages... believe me I did not spend only a few Euros, i spent hundreds!

    Recently I received an invite on discord from an RTM server... now I understand why most of the top gear items are not available in game... it's because people are selling it for real money online! and they have all the leverage to do so because these items are almost impossible to get!!! Now I would not have any problem spending to get those items from rtm... in fact their price is quite reasonable... except for a few crazy people asking for 1k euro for a baium talisman... "looking at you deus". But that would mean a loss of money for developers. If top gear items are not available in game as there are two issues, one is there won't be a balance of game play as well geared players would take the top spot and average gear players would just take the scraps. That would not bode well in the long run as it would cause a lot of frustrated players to quit as it would be hard for them to be competitive in this game without those gears available.... and we are seeing it happening now, lots of top level players are quitting this game. Second is that there will be a loss of money for the developers as money that players would spend in game would be spent at real money traders... and boy that would be a big loss. Now immature people would laugh at developers losing money for some reason but they forget that to continue playing this game the developers must be able to earn enough to maintain the game running. No money for the developers mean no game for you pal.

    So my appeal is this, make top gears available in game... not necessarily readily available like buy from l2 store immediately but make it possible for everyone to get the gears through events without an impossible gambling probability. Make it a difficult craft item for example like they are doing in the live servers. Difficult but not impossible, wherein people may need to spend euros, adenas and time. This would balance out the gameplay on Essence and it would also help get more money into the hands of the developers and not to rmt traders.

    I love essence and I hope I can continue loving it, but right now I am finding it difficult to continue being motivated to play this game due to imbalance of the game... I hope my appeal will reach the development team and I hope I will not quit anytime soon.
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  2. Overtaken

    Overtaken User

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    Hello, just an advice to people who looking play something new... Dont start play Essence and the reason is so simple. Because imagine we cannot play normal on Blue server more than 1 month now, just 1 guy spend in 2-3 weeks 100k euros, just 1 even more from all server people and still they cannot fix the lagg. We have 0 rewards as sorry ofc, they remove fortress and soon looks like they gonna remove mobs ... About the second window, the answer was is bad for the server. What about no fortress? is not bad for new people to start? i can say 1000 more reasons... Thanks
  3. xHaseo

    xHaseo User

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    Yeah RMTing is really huge and a problem in Essence...we can see that with lots of players, spending 1000s and 1000s euros to get epics lv 3...problem is, with this (or next) patch, they will change the epic system...still not sure how the new one is going to work, on korean site i only managed to understand that there wont be any "lv 1 lv 2 lv 3" raid boss, but the epic will now be (example) Queen ant ring BUT it can be enchanted (with scrolls) up to +5.
    No idea how it's going to work, they didn't write enchant chance, they didn't write bonuses on enchant, they pretty much didn't say **** about the new system buuut...i gotta say, the old good epic system was WAY WAY WAY better. It was easier to spread around the server epics and you had waaay more chances to get'em (you could get oly epics, for example, being a lower m.def version of AQ, zaken and frintezza for 30 days).

    Hope the new system wont be **** up as well, allowing a faster share of epics around. It's really stupid to farm 4 epics to get 1 jewel lv 3, which is basically the only usefull one.
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  4. WarMongerL2

    WarMongerL2 User

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    Can you please share to me the link from the Korean site in regards to this? Thank you in advance.