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IMPORTANT Changes in PK system from 03.06.2020

Discussion in 'News' started by Senny, Jun 2, 2020.

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  1. Senny

    Senny Community Manager Innova Group

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    Hello everyone!

    A new patch will be installed to our server on the 3d of June. It will affect the life of player killers. From now on they will feel the condemnation of the Einhasad Godess and the location of the top of 30 most furious player killers will be shown on the world map.

    Top-30 PKs on the map


    - From now on, the map displays the locations of characters whose PK counter reaches 10 or more;
    - PK display is limited to 30 players, so the following are displayed:
    • Those who have the biggest number of PK counter and online at the moment;
    • If several characters have the same number of PK, the one who has more negative karma is displayed; the display on the map is calculated by the number of negative karma (the one with more karma is displayed);
    • If several characters have the same number of PK and negative karma, the killer who first enters the game will be visible on the map;
    - Players from the top-30 of PK are not displayed only in two cases: if they have just entered the game or they're currantly in special zones;
    - PK characters see themselves as usual on the map.

    Einhasad Overseeing


    A new debuff has been added to Lineage 2 - Einhasad Overseeing. According to the number of PK on the counter it applies to all chaotic characters. There are 4 levels of the debuff.

    It's enough to kill 4 peaceful players in sequence to receive the "Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 4":
    LevelEffectPK counterDuration time
    "Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 1"P./M. Def. -5%, Speed -54 30 m.
    "Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 2"P./M. Def. -10%, Speed -106 1 h.
    "Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 3"P./M. Def. -15%, Speed -3082 h.
    "Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 4"P./M. Def -30%, Speed -3510+ 3 h.

    Upon reaching the PK counter 10+ one more debuff - Einhasad's Chains - is applied to a character together with Einhasad Overseeing Lv. 4 (duration - 3 hours).

    At the end of the effects time, the character will again receive negative effects if they commit a new kill (PK).

    If a chaotic character picks up the cursed weapon, the Einhasad Overseeing and Einhasad's Chains effects are removed.

    Please note that during the maintenance on the 3d of June PK counters of all characters will be reset to zero.
    Scroll: PK

    The reuse time of all available Scrolls: PK has been changed to 24 hours, all scrolls have a total recharge time. Example: after using the High Grade Scroll: PK you cannot use a similar high-grade scroll until 24 hours have passed.

    Given the quest to reduce the PK counter, you can reduce the number of PKs by a maximum of 13 (3 due to the quest, 10 due to the scrolls).

    Items still do not drop or beeing destroyed when a PK is dead.

    The killer’s life is dangerous and difficult! Now it has become even more difficult.
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