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Experimentarium (discussion) - read before requesting

Discussion in 'Experimentarium' started by Artchem, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Hello, dears! Good news!
    Inquisitive @Yumi and her team have reopened Experimentarium’s doors and now they are ready to spill secrets about the amazing world of Lineage 2. Did you always want to know about some gameplay mechanics, but didn't know how to ask? Submit a request on the special thread!

    [​IMG] How to submit a request for a new experiment?

    The application has to be filled according to the form:

    • The more detailed a request will be described, the more accurately an experiment will be conducted: use the exact names of quests/items/skills, specify the character level, the presence or absence of buffs, equipment, and other details that will help to conduct an experiment.
    The example of a well-filled request:
    • Also, you can ask to update an old experiment. Don't forget to provide a link to the previous request and justification for its updating.

    [​IMG] Why can your request be rejected or removed?

    The most popular reasons:
    • The request is about L2 Store;
    • The request is not filled according to the form;
    • The request is repeated;
    • The experiment requires the participation of three characters or more.
    • It's technically impossible to do an experiment.
    [​IMG] How to know that your request was considered?

    We will add the status to your request after reviewing:
    If you don't see the status below your request, the request is still under consideration for some reason.

    [​IMG] Important to know

    We are not wizards from the Tower of Insolence, we are scientists from Hardin's Academy and our possibilities for experiments are not infinite. Please, take it into account when leaving a request.

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