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Travel agency “Aden” (discussion)

Discussion in '2020' started by Artchem, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    We greet you, voyagers! The travel agency “Aden” is broadcasting.

    The protracted self-isolation and a (you-know-what) virus foiled vacation plans of many people. Someone had to return its vacation tickets. Lucky for lineagers, the virtual world didn't give any chance to feel bored. Players had time to explore the real beauty of Elmoreden, spend unforgettable days in the Enchanted Valley, drinking cooling potions and studying the local fairies' culture.

    I think some of you have already settled in various locations, therefore, you easily can guide tours of those places. So, let’s make a fight of travel agents! Just imagine that you’re a representative of this profession. Your task is to come up with an attractive description of any location from the game that will definitely cause the desire of seasoned travelers to go on vacation there. Don’t forget to accompany your work with beautiful screenshots.

    [​IMG] What should be done?

    Make a creative description of any location from the game like travel agencies do. The work has to contain screenshots of chosen location.

    [​IMG] When should be done?

    Applications are accepted till the 19th of July inclusive.

    [​IMG] Format Requirements

    • The work has to be done in English.
    • One guide per participant will be accepted.
    • Your work (text and screenshots) for the contest should be posted on the special subforum.
    • You may use different editors only color editing;
    • The work must be created specifically for this contest and never be published anywhere before. Plagiarism is prohibited.
    • Your work must not break the rules of the game, the forum and the current legislature of Luxembourg. Official contest rules can be found here: https://eu-new.4game.com/legal/4game/4
    • You agree with the fact that Administration has the right to use works, you presented, in marketing, advertising and other purposes.


    • State the following information at the beginning of your work:
      • server name
      • character nickname
    • Recommended image platform — https://imgur.com/
    • To make the reading easier, please, format your headers and subheaders. You can use the forum's style or simple bold/italic/underlined. Please don't use more than 3 colors or 3 fonts in your text.
    • The length of the text should be no less than 10 sentences. The number of screenshots should be no less than 2. Both visual and creativity components (screenshots and text) will be evaluated. Carefully consider the composition of the frame. Tip: hide the interface in the game using the Alt + H;


    Winners will be awarded the kit of consumables:

    Lineage 2 team reserves the right to chose no more than 10 winners.

    [​IMG] Rewards

    Results will be announced on the 20th of July approximately, depending on the number of works.

    (!) This topic is intended only for discussion of works.

    Grab your virtual suitcase! We are going on a journey to Elmoreden.
    Submit your work
    The time has come to announce the winners! Lineage 2 Team would like to thank all who participated. Your works are amazing!

    [​IMG] Here come the winners

    1. Deewd
    2. pwnsauce
    3. neverx

    Although we decided to give out prizes to everyone who participated, we'd like to remind you to read the rules more closely. Editors are accepted only for color editing, not making collages. Please note that.​
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020