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Homunculus Ch. 2. Patch notes

Discussion in 'News' started by Senny, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Senny

    Senny Community Manager Innova Group

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    The new update Homunculus Ch. 2 is just around the corner! We expect it to be installed to our server on August 19th. It's time to take a closer look at what awaits us! Read patch notes on our website or in the launcher.
  2. DeadZy

    DeadZy User

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    Can you consider asking the devs in korea why are they boosting heavily certain archetypes of each class! Wasn't the idea to have bigger diversity? I get the idea that overall there should be some OP classes, but c'mon at least balance their archetypes.

    I want to ask about the tyrrs (To the others yea i know they got boosted and there are other classes that need attention but tyrrs suffered 10+years of ignorance), why there are boosting titans so much? They are even giving them additional level of their unique class skills at level 110. But ok at the moment lets say for pvp/pve depending on ur style the things are "kinda" balanced considering you can't use skill "brave spear" with the 101 skill of most of the tyrrs and that was the reason of this "balance". In the next update this wont be an issue, and the doombringers will fall lower even more compared to other tyrrs. Even the god damn maestros were boosted to heaven directly with new skills and abilities, dreads got entirely new boosting skill. It seems that the development of doombringers is stopped at level 99 - not to count the need of tons of rune stones for their weaker skills compared to the others.

    Please consider the option to somehow fix this. The class was used to be critical chance/dmg master. Dunno either develop and upgrade their "Soul berserker" with more p.atk/skill crit dmg and instead of extra mana consumption mb skill critical change. Change their most useless 101 skill to something else or rework it, cuz at the moment is waste of adena to upgrade it with runes stones (the dmg is joke, the "aoe" is missing) - and again is light years behind compared to the 101 skill of the others (I am excluding maestros, but as i said they got boosted directly).

    Thank you for your attention!