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4game service Forum Rules, revised 04.03.2016

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Artchem, Aug 31, 2020.

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    4game service Forum Rules, revised 04.03.2016

    This document presents Forum Rules (hereinafter - Rules) which are obligatory for all Users of this forum (hereinafter - Forum). Upon registration and/or using the forum User accepts all terms of the Rules to the full extent without any exceptions. Using the Forum under any other condition is prohibited. Any information published on this Forum is non-binding, except for Administration announcements. Forum Administration does not bear responsibility for the content of messages published by Users. The authour of the message solely bears responsibility for the contents of their message. Forum Administration is only providing the technical means for exchanging the messages.

    Terms used in the present Rules:

    Forum - information resource which main criteria is creating content by User on «user generated content» principle. Its main purposes are:
    - facilitating Users' interaction;
    - providing Users with an opportunity to publish information;
    - exchanging of information between Users.

    Terms related to Forum members:

    Users - individuals which have completed Forum registration. Completing Forum registration means submission of data about a User in an amount required by Forum Administration during registration process and when using the Forum. User can can resile from their status by willful deletion of their account or in case of a permament blocking of the account, including blockings for failure to submit data requested by Administration and blocking for violation of the present Rules.
    Moderators - Forum Users willingly helping the project on a non-repayable basis. They control one or several Forum sections. Their duties include law enforcement and taking measures to eliminate violations. Moderators are not Innova Staff members.
    Head Moderators - Staff members responsible for moderators' assignments and demotions, coordination of Moderator's team activities, managing Forum sections and disposal of disputed situations occuring on Forum.
    Administration - Innova Co. S.a.r.l. company (hereinafter - Company) providing Forum functionality and represented by its employees authorized to manage the Forum. In aid of statutory compliance and for the sake of Users' interests compliance Administration holds the right to publish official information concerning such interests. Such messages are accompanied by inscription "Official" in the title.

    Terms used in the present Rules and on Forum:

    i) to the extent of User's identification:
    Avatar - graphic image aiming to personalize User.
    Nickname - pseudonym identifying User on Forum. It is chosen upon registration and cannot be changed later. Nicknames violating Forum rules are changed exceptionally.
    Userbar - graphic image aiming to be used in signature.
    Status-bar - graphic image displayed under Avatar and aiming to mark the User. It is created and allocated only by Administration for in recognition of User's services or to highlight their affilation with a certain group.
    Login - account name. It corresponds to Nickname.

    ii) to the extent of terms used on Forum:
    Thread - a topic on Forum.
    Post - a message in a topic.

    iii) to the extent of violations and penalties:
    Alternative account - Additional accounts created by a User.
    Ban - full restriction from Forum. Usually it is applied to spammers, alternative accounts or Users who violated the Rules repeatedly and/or systematically (according to the sum of points in the Annex №1 "Violations and Penalties").
    Read Only - partial blocking on Forum which retains User's possibility to read the Forum and use Private Messages and is applied according to "Violations and Penalties".
    Thread bumping - making a message intended to make the thread appear higher on the thread list.
    Offtopic/offsection - message which does not correspond to the topic of discussion.
    Flood - non content-related or unconstructive post, or single-type message massively distributed on Forum which does not have any sense or aimed to increase post count.
    Flame - personal arguments, provocations, insults, discrimination on any basis or any other expressions and actions aiming to cause aggressive reaction.
    Warez - discussing cracks, serial numbers, no-CD, hacks and so on as well as providing links to malicious or 3rd party software or to unlicensed content.
    Cross-posting - posting the same message in different threads or posting the same thread in different sections.
    Necroposting - posting to a thread that has grown stale.
    Overquoting - posting messages with excessive amount of quoted materials.
    Spam/Fishing - posting or mailouting information which is mercantile, political or advertising to individuals who did not express willingless to recieve it.

    1. Main provisions
    1.1. The present rules regulate activities on Forum and are obligatory to Users, Moderators, Head Moderators and Administration.
    1.2. Amendments and additions to the present rules are effective since the moment they are published.
    1.3. Official language of the Forum is English. Usage of other languages is allowed in the indicated Forum sections.
    1.4. The Forum is postmoderated which means that messages posted by Users on Forum are not reviewed, edited or corrected in any way in advance, but may be deleted or edited after posting if they violate the rules of the Forum, current statutory requirements or in other cases provided by the rules.
    1.5. Administration is not responsible for the contents of messages posted by Users. The authour of the message solely bears responsibility for the contents of their message.
    1.6. Upon registering on the Forum the User agrees not to use the Forum for posting willful false and/or insulting, obscene materials, as well as information violating other Users' privacy or any other materials violating current statutory law.
    1.7. User agrees not to post copyrighted materials without the consent of the rightholder. Otherwise Administration has a right to delete such materials and apply sanction to the account from which they were posted. A more detailed list of offenses specified in Annex 1, however, is not exhaustive and does not cover all possible violations and penalties.
    1.8. Administration has a right to delete posts, threads, links without giving a warning and change the present Rules.

    2. Rights and obligations of the Parties
    2.1. Rights of Moderators and Administration:
    2.1.1. Moderators have the right to delete any information posted by Users in their discretion (acting on the basis of the present Rules).
    2.1.2. Moderators have the right to apply the following penalties in case a User violates the present Rules: Temporary blocking of User's access to the Forum:
    - prohibition on posting messages;
    - blocking an access to the Forum. Full blocking of User's access to the Forum:
    - permanent blocking of User's forum account;
    - blocking access to the Forum by IP.
    2.1.3. Measures enlisted in clause of the Rules are applied by Moderators at their discretion (according to quantum of infringement of the Rules);
    2.1.4. Measures enlisted in clause of the Rules are applied by the decision of Super Moderator or Administration.
    2.1.5. Moderators have a right to delete or move threads without prior notice to Users and without editing messages contained in these threads.
    2.1.6. Head Moderators and Administration have the right to amend and change the present Rules without prior notice to Users.
    2.1.7. Administration shall not be liable for temporary technical problems on Forum, for temporary malfunctions and breaks in communications links, other similar malfunctions and glitches of the User's computer.
    2.1.8. Administration has the right to request data for identification and in case User fails to provide it Administration has the right to block their account.
    2.2. Administration obligations:
    2.2.1. Administration is obliged to keep confidential User's data received upon registrating on the Forum or upon request by Administration and not disclose it to a 3rd party unless otherwise provided by law of Russian Federation or norms of international law;
    2.2.2. Administration provides Users with opportunity to use the Forum 24 hours a day and without charge, except for the time of maintenance or other cases preventing access to the Forum and emerged through no fault of Administration.
    2.3. User's rights:
    2.3.1. User has the right to use the Forum only in personal non-commercial purposes in accordance with the present Rules.
    2.3.2. User has the right to change their password. User is obliged to guarantee non-disclosure of their password and other confidential data on their own.
    2.4. User's obligations to the extent of choosing ways of identification and rules of registration:
    2.4.1. User is obliged to use only 1 account on the Forum;
    2.4.2. User is prohibited to give either their forum or game account data to a 3rd party;
    2.4.3. Upon registration User chooses a Nickname according to the following:
    - Nicknames in the form of web addresses are prohibited;
    - Nicknames containing trademarks not belonging to the User are prohibited;
    - Using more than 3 special symbols and excessive use of capital letters is prohibited;
    - Knowingly unreadable (combination of numbers, special symbols and letters) Nicknames are prohibited;
    - Nicknames that may lead to the wrong identification of the User are prohibited;
    - Nicknames that directly or indirectly violate other Rules (especially clauses 2.5.1., 2.5.5.) are prohibited.
    2.4.4. User chooses Userbar or Avatar according to the following:
    - images that depict a 3rd party or are intellectual property of a 3rd party, or contain official branding rights to which belong to a 3rd party are prohibited;
    - images that directly or indirectly violate other Rules (especially clauses 2.5.1., 2.5.5.) are prohibited;
    - excessively animated images are prohibited.
    2.4.5. For the creation of forum entries (account), the user must be at least 18 years old. If the user has not reached that age, as well as being under-age law for entering into the contract according to the legislation of his county of residence, it is presumed that the rules’ review rules has been carried out in the presence of a parent or legal guardian / caregiver. By creating his account the user agrees to provide true, accurate, current information. After creating an account the user is the only person who is responsible for it.
    2.5. User's obligations to the extent of good conduct:
    2.5.1. User is obliged to treat other Users, Moderators, Head Moderators and Administration with respect and act according to the present Rules, namely:
    - do not flame for any purpose;
    - do not use phrases or pictures, links to any content if they can abase and hurt feelings and/or dignity of other Forum members;
    - do not use obscene words in any way including graphic or covert ways;
    - do not use threats of harm and physical violence;
    - do not distribute materials that propagate or express non-admission or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, state, territory, language, politics, ideology or civic movements, including materials indicating discrimination;
    - do not post obscene messages, including explicit and erotic materials, drug references (or information about drugs), scenes with excessive violence and things of this nature, suicide propaganda and means of committing it, including links to resources containing such information;
    - do not distribite information aiming to propagate crimes and administrative violations, violence and cruelty;
    - do not post information about selling/buying/trading of accounts;
    - do not bring false charges to other Users as well as Moderators, Head Moderators, Administration and their activity;
    - do not try to impersonate Innova employees or volunteer personnel ( including, but not limited to GMs, Moderators, and Support Volunteers) in order to mislead another users;
    - do not distribute information about a 3rd party, any information about other Users, Moderators, Head Moderators or Administration, including private correspondence, without their written consent;
    - do not publish materials that are not officially published and has been obtained through game client hacking or participate in such discussions;
    - do not post links to resources containing malicious software;
    - do not post links to resources containing false information (including fishing sites);
    - do not distribite false information about Administration, Head Moderators and Moderators services and their activities.
    2.5.2. User should not post messages or threads that do not have any meaningful purpose, including:
    - Necroposting;
    - Flood;
    - Overquoting;
    - Thread bumping (except for sections where it is allowed);
    - Spam;
    - Cross-posting;
    - Discussion of bans;
    - Offtopic.
    2.5.3. When starting a thread User should:
    - clearly indicate the subject of discussion, taking into account the section's theme;
    - make sure there is no similar active thread on Forum.
    2.5.4. User should use the Forum only for discussing the given topic;
    2.5.5. Users are prohibited to publish information (posts, topic names, Nicknames, Avatars, Userbars, signatures and profile information) that contains any of the following:
    - buying/selling/trading (or discussions of it) on the Forum characters, items, services or accounts for real money. Advertising of any of the enlisted is also prohibited;
    - advertising of any actions, organizations or sites not related to Forum;
    - links to resources containing programs of "warez" or "hacked" nature and/or information about them;
    - any material directly or indirectly violating copyrights and/or any other rights of natural and legal persons;
    - any advertising materials not related to Forum or 4game service. Advertising of resources that have nothing in common with resources of company is also prohibited. The only exception is links to Users's personal pages;
    - excesive use of codes (tags), colors, capital letters;
    - discussing any vulnerabilities of Project's resources, game exploits and so on.
    2.5.6. Users are prohibited to:
    • forward messages from users with Read Only or Banned status;
    • quote posts containing material that violates Rules;
    • intentionally or accidentally impersonate other Users, Moderators, Head Moderators or Administration;
    • insult in any way other Users, Moderators, Head Moderators, Administration, right holders or any 3rd party;
    • criticize actions of Project staff members, or actions of Moderators out of special section.
    2.6. Questions, suggestions, complaints, and comments on the work of the project resources, staff and moderators should be addressed to:
    • to solve problems related to the game component of the project please contact Support Service https://support.4game.com/;
    • to solve problems related to the Forum and moderation (depending on the complexity of the problem) - a private message to Moderators or Head Moderators or e-mail moderator@inn.eu;
    • specialized topics designed to discuss respective problems.

    3. Disclaimers
    3.1. The User understands and agrees that:
    3.1.1. The user shall use Forum at his/her own risk. The service shall be provided on “as is” basis;
    3.1.2. User is solely responsible for information he\she publishes on the foru;
    3.1.3. Administration does not warrant that:
    • the services will satisfy the user’s needs;
    • the service will be provided uninterrupted, fast, reliable and error-free;
    • information posted on Forum by other Users will be reliabe.

    4. Miscellaneous
    4.1. This Rulles shall be effective for indefinite period;
    4.2. In cases where the law of the European is applicable, relevant rules will be applied.
    4.3. Ignorance of the rules of the Forum does not relieve the user from responsibility for their violation.
    4.4. To meet the requirements of current legislation Forum is entitled to provide the competent authorities with information about the User and his/her data, as well as other information required for the legislative regulation.

    Read Annex 1 to 4game Forum rules.
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