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Am I missing something?

Discussion in 'Players asking players' started by xMrRage, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. xMrRage

    xMrRage User

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    So I started playing a week ago but as of yet nothing really exciting has happened.

    No drops of notable worth, progression is stuck at Cemetary/Fields of Massacre, cant auto farm, running out of resources to be able to farm.

    Is this the best the game has to offer for anyone who isn't willing or able to pump RL cash into it?

    Please say its not the case.
  2. Warendo

    Warendo User

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    If you play here a week and still farm cemetary/massacre, you do something wrong. In like a week even as a free to play, you are supposed to be at least 72+ and farming better locs like war thorn or devil isle.
  3. xMrRage

    xMrRage User

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    Mmmm.. perhaps I'm just out the game too long to know what to do and where to go.
  4. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil User

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    Get the welcome pack with Valakas necklace and the daily free supply pack from L2 store (not the L-coin store), join a random clan for buffs (1 minute penalty for leaving the clan if the clan doesnt have clan skills or activity), refresh random craft list every time you get a point for 2 free sayha pots, try to use 10 sayha pots daily to complete system mission (10 sayha cookies, SS, spirit ores as reward). With this you can farm all day long and never run out of sayha, SS or spirit ores.
    Also when you use sayha pots/cookies watch the sayha bar, if it glitters (flickers) it means 1 hour its stuck and you dont lose points . That is the moment to use sayha storm / gust , so try to recharge before going to transcendental zone, so you can use all XP items available (including magic lamp pots) if you are lucky. Otherwise only use storm/gust in primeval island.
    Primeval is a good way for low level characters to make adena, just use attack scrolls (if necessary) and farm wild striders (easiest to kill). Also just pick up adena from treasure pig, dont hit it if there are other players, just pick up as fast as you can.
    Once you have some money, try to make Aden Talisman Level 4.
    Buy B armor which is cheap before hitting 70 and a B weapon after level 70.
    After level 70 if you still dont do well, just quit.
  5. __i7__

    __i7__ User

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    My advice is, if u want to play essence, go for pve player forever till the servers close (and u gonna get pk and pk pk), cuz if u play the game wanting to be strong using the old l2 as parameter,(Pvp here u need to pay and bosses drop craps instead the needed books) u gonna see that in one month playing 20h a day will not make 1% of what the launcher visa warrior that equip all char from launcher without even touch the game does in 1h.

    The Essence works well on Korea and RU cuz is based on their economy currencys , Koreans has RNG on their culture, but here ,here is euro, one of the most expensive coins in the world, and lcoin its also expensive , and this game design its like mobile game to make all using loot boxes. There is no analyst on staff that can make a feedback to koreans to make server more adaptable to EU NA and SA ppl that plays here ,to promote a good balanced gameplay experience to all players, with prices, or maybe promote a single event to bring more ppl...aaa that is tiring.
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  6. Lucien

    Lucien User

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    You've just described why red server died, and is still dying.
    First of all if you want to do the f2p player you're playing the wrong game.
    As soon as you will reach lvl 76 you will spend all of your in game time kissing the floor because as _i7_ wrote, you will be
    pked and
    pked and
    pked and
    pked and
    forever, for no reason at all.
    Basically, as an f2p player on l2 essence eu, you are logging in to do the target for the "whales".
    That's why on red server the only ppl left are 40 loosers who are trying to get a living from a videogame and their boxes, well there are adena sellers-spammers too.
    That's all what remains on an innova official server

    The third thing is, even if you have a ton of real money you will be discouraged, as _i7_ wrote seeing ppl beginning the game at lvl 86-88
    while you are still doing the quest to lvl to 40. Basically from lvl 1 to lvl 88, in 60 seconds,
    with the credit card.
    Many complained about innova policy about this issue but it seems they don't even care.

    The fourth thing is that l2 essence is an online slot machine with different symbols where they are trying to sell to you not items
    but the chance to get, maybe and with a korean random chance, an item.
    If you aren't addicted to gambling play something else.

    The fifth, and to me the most important, thing is that to have the same stuff you are spending
    x 4 compared to korea
    x 2 compared to ru

    Lets say top end game content you need to spend 20.000,00 euros
    while a korean dude needs to spend only 5.000,00 euros
    for the very same stuff or pixels.

    The more you spend the more it gets worst.

    If you truly want a suggestion wait for the next patch and for a new server, if you are truly a newbie.
    It doesn't make any sense to play right now nor on blue nor, LMAO, on red servers.
    In the meanwhile you can try the russian servers, and if you need help pm me on azure same nick,
    because it's A LOT WAY cheaper than eu.
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