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Balance of the classes (titan, dk, sumonners)

Discussion in 'Activity (Maroon)' started by StarChild, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. StarChild

    StarChild User

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    Hi all.

    I decided to create this topic just to know what peoples think about the classes of the game. Since I started to play people told me to create a DK, Titan or sumonner, but i didnt cuz i dont like to play with these classes, and I realized that i'm regret about that.

    In this server we only see kamaels farming, and titan, DK and sumonners on pvp, really?

    Archers and daggers cant do anything on pvp. DK's and titans are so OP compared to archers and dagger.

    I think gm should need to think about the damage in of daggers and archers on PvP, the damage in PvE is okay, but in PvP is ridiculous.

    Just balance the classes, or nerf dk's, titans and maybe tyrants too.
  2. AncientEvil

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    GMs are not in control of class balance, all they can do is transmit your complaint to NCSoft KR.