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Fix PK on servers

Discussion in 'Activity (Maroon)' started by PVEPlayer, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. PVEPlayer

    PVEPlayer User

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    Pking has been an issue for a long time. I am sure other players are as frustrating as I am and given the current pking event on Red sever, I am sure A LOT of player will say goodbye if this is NOT resolved.

    Just hoping that the people who are running the server will do something about it. This is simply a straw that broke the camel's back.
  2. Luluzinha

    Luluzinha User

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    Well, I believe 4Game don't care about it or players at all, there's no punishment for PK players, they already moving chars from A to B in an attempt to revive but didn't change the PK system, so soon will be empty again. As I said 4game really don't care about frustration or player experience.
  3. xHaseo

    xHaseo User

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    You can go play Hello Kitty online if you want a fully PVE experience.
    But beside the PK system being ****, gotta agree with this one, it's not 4game fault.
    Not that i can expect the likes of you to have a single clue how L2 works BUT here's an hint: Innova is publisher. NCSoft/NCKorea is developer. Innova buy the game and patch and send them live. NCSoft/NCKorea create the game and the patches. If Innova changes game files w/o permission or game mechanics as they like they get ducked in the butt.

    Also, you guys should be happy on red now. We kicked Red side out of the Blue server and sent you a bunch of BR kids, why are you mad about it? Templars and BeMyFrag spent quite a lot to buy those accounts, you should be gratefull!

    Oh yeah and this thread about PK system is going on since d1 of the server and nothing changed, just deal with it. You can always quit and move to some privates.
    I mean, some of the Innova streamer said "Playing on an official server gives you the security that it wont shut down after 3 months, like privates!" but the streamer probably forgot about Skelth. Or about all those GOD servers that they opened and merged after a few months cause no players. Or even Blue and Red now that probably have 200 unique players left. Not even hitting "normal" traffic anymore.
  4. Lucien

    Lucien User

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    To understand what's going on with the pk issue you have to evaluate 3 points of view.

    Innova point of view. Who cares where's the money is coming from.
    NCSoft korea took something which is, by far, the best mmo ever and turned it into something else where's there's no
    distinction between pvp and pk anymore making the players pay more if they aren't from korea itself
    x 2 asia x 4 eu x 8 na.
    Ofc innova can't modify the files coming from korea but the skelth example shows how they deal with a potential problem.
    Who cares. We will find another project to milk money from our customers.
    The problem is ru has classic servers, kr has classic servers, na has classic servers, eu doesn't have classic server because
    once you have shutted down skelth no one will trust innova anymore.

    The pkers point of view. Whoever spends more than 1-2 hours per day in front of a monitor playing the same videogame
    or is trying to get a living from it, and this is the case for 99% of the remaining players on red server, or they have some
    real (mental) issue in the real life.
    If you want to log in to kill other players there are plenty of f2p videogames out there.
    Lets say someone keeps pking everything which walks on red server to protect their assets (raidboss)
    If everybody could level up normally sooner or later they could contend those assets.
    So basically it's i'm pking you now because tomorrow you could come here and I won't be able to buy food.

    The third point of view is the normal player one. Every event is based on doing something in the open world
    where, as I've said, whoever is trying to make a living from l2 essence eu, will pk you so basically there's no
    event. Other than opening the l2 store and punching in credit card numbers the normal player can't do anything
    in l2 essence eu and if the grind is boring in an open world just imagine how it could be to play 2 hours only
    in primeval.

    Basically innova had 1 healty server, the blue one, and one ruined one, the red one.
    Allowing the transfer from blue to red innova ruined the only good server it had, and i don't get why.
    Basically it's like
    the doctor told me my right leg needs to be amputated
    i will do a blood transfusion into my left leg
    so the doctor will amputate both.
    Plus when you consider how many players innova l2 essence eu actually has you have to consider
    - at least 2 accounts per player
    - at least 1 pet per player.

    P.s. I'm not a troll, like the rmters keep saying. I'm just a player who truly want to enjoy
    l2 essence on an european server. But the more i post the more nothing changes.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2021
  5. BrAzAfLoW

    BrAzAfLoW User

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    0 times, YES! This game is a pvp/pk game. Let the players assume his consequences for some acts. Pk have risk to drop any item, is the minimum to the game seems like natural and fair.