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Important changes in the upcoming server maintenance

Discussion in 'Activity' started by KanohAgito, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. KanohAgito

    KanohAgito User

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    Hello to everyone

    Let's face it the Yuls are more played char in this game. Maybe that's why the dev team made those changes in order to play other classes too. It's clear that if you read today's post "Therefore, we remind you that the "Red Libra Squad'' event still lasts, and you have the opportunity to change the main character class, regardless of the archetype (for example, archer → warrior or another class). Read more about the event in our knowledge base. The event will end on March 17 during the maintenance.``

    If you want to make yuls less in this game so it's not one way ticket to nerf them but there is also one other a better way to do so.

    There are so many classes that the players stop playing because it's not updated for a long time like wynns for example. Make the forgotten classes better and more powerful and the players will try them out again. I understand the Yuls are too many but your way to avoid this is simply wrong. If I know that you can make a post for nerf char like this in the future I will not play the game for sure. Make the game better with updates not with nerfing.
    Happy Gaming to everyone

    Best Regards

    Kanoh Agito "The Fang of Metsudo"
  2. Pleistoros

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    My question is why he told us the event will end on 17 March when in event description it state clear it will end on 24 March? Red Libra will end on 17 March?

    Second, your idea is not bad but as a good friend told me "everything in this game, every meta, every item favor yull class" there is no point to play other class....and im not saying others are not good coz they are but dont make adena like Yulls.
    So what they will increase from 7 to 10 sec cooldown, with current lvl of cooldown reduction real difference will be from 3 to 4 sec...they will not make 100 bil/month but 98 bil/month.
    And lets face it...high lvl imply tones of adena for improvement and its not working only with credit card.
    The change they will make have little impact on higher lvl toons :) It will ruin only low lvl game play and low equip players.

    With this new management...prepare the wallet for new incoming God Jewels and Cloaks, more items to stack for yulls.
  3. Jintxa

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    I totally agree. Even the different hunting areas and adena have been optimized for yuls. Right now if you play another class it is for nostalgic or just fun because the farming ability of a yul is really absurd compared to any other class. In my opinion, no class should be able to do what archers do. I have always played magician and have never changed it. I know that with the same amount of equipment a yul is capable of getting 100 times more performance from adena and exp and I do not see it at all fair. In any case, everyone interprets the game as they want and there will always be the typical players who, if they do not play the strongest class and with all the possible elements to make their game easier (external macro programs, which until recently were a reason to ban ) never come to anything and need to feel that they are powerful so they don't remember their lives.