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External Testing Group Recruitment

Discussion in 'Team Blog' started by CM GodFather, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. CM GodFather

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    Our community mostly consists of incredibly experienced players who know the game world, mechanics and gameplay features very well, so we believe that our communication is a great help to improve the quality of the game. That is why we are inviting all of you to
    volunteer to take part in our external testing group.

    Key functions of the external testing group:
    • functional testing;
    • updates and Frost system testing;
    • compilation of bug reports for better diagnostics and fixing process.
    Key attributes required for the position:
    • Honesty and integrity;
    • Clean reputation;
    • Ability to quickly react on tasks, presence in the game;
    • Deep gameplay knowledge;
    • Ability to speak your mind clearly;
    • Decent internet connection;
    • Ability to work in a team;
    • Following the 4Game platform, social media rules and User's Agreement.
    Advanced knowledge of English would be a major benefit.

    Effective work will be rewarded with the in-game items and benefits.

    If you meet these requirements and want to help make the project better, fill in this form

    Attention: we are using Discord for our communications with the external testing group.
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