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Suggestions to CBT

Discussion in 'Game' started by Mandarim, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. Mandarim

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    Hello, i'm playing this CBT (beta test) and would like to say somethings that will be usefull to every one, even to the profits.

    1) Beta test period is to test the huge amount of itens, mechanics, combos, boosts, mobs, quests and etc that has inside the game. But leveling up at rates 1x are making people spend unnecessary time leveling one guy that will be erased and it takes 5 - 7 days to a normal person that works and lives to get level 90 for testing itens.
    So we are testing nothing but our patience.
    There is no logic in rates 1x at CBT.

    2) The CBT could have some commands allowed, the aim is to test game breaking issues and itens that made too many of us quit other servers.
    If you make players suffer to level up at rates 1x where they were supposed to enjoy testing itens on the beta test, they will simply leave the game and back to play when it starts for real.
    No logic in spending too much time leveling up a guy that will be erased in the end of CBT. People will stop playing.

    3) Allow some bonus to the players that are trying to help you guys improve the server at the CBT, before it start running 100%
    You will motivate people to help in the feedbacks and will make they happy.

    4) At CBT we could take this time to test game breaking issues like itens and quests we know from others servers that had problems, and making people spend 5 days leveling up a guy who will be erased to start testing it, I mean trying to drop itens too, to be honest, most of people will not even try with that delay in leveling up.

    5) Let people free to use simple commands like @go prontera.
    Making CBT hard to play is equal to avoid players from testing itens that could had a feedback to avoid game breaking crisis like one roll back.

    6) The easier CBT is, more cash you guys earn, more people will come to play it and see for theyselfs the tests.
    In the end CBT will be wiped / erased.
    Operational error = 0.

    7) Leveling up at CBT is unnecessary, I'm seeing streamers doing nothing but suffering to level up.
    They are testing nothing but their patience.

    8) You could make exclusive events at the CBT, so it would make things more easier to sell !
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  2. rodolfodth

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    I second that.
    We can't test the quests, the drops, the npcs... as an example my kafra warps already are over and you spend a lot of money only teleporting.

    I streamed on twitch 3 days of the CBT but it's already boring to only levelup on 1x, we need more tools.
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  3. Ionir

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    I did the hidden treasure achievements. they gave me a "ton" of zeny and you can do many of them even as a novice. that helped me getting zeny for warps, BGems etc.