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AllMighty Championship: CSC live streams!

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by iFars, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. iFars

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    hello everyone!

    as you may already know this summer we arrange a great pvp tournament for russian lineage 2 gamers called allmighty championship: cross-server challenge. during registration period (25th may – 8th june) any team from any official server was able to register for upcoming event and in result we gathered 155 applications. 128 teams will be able to compete on the first season of our event.

    all participants will fight in the same equip with the same number of consumables. tournament will be held using interesting bracket, that allows teams to qualify to next season based on their performance in the previous season. during the event all participants will achieve ranks, that show overall skill of the party and their progress in the tournament bracket.

    today we wish to invite all of you to watch a live streams that would go along with the tournament weekly monday till wednesday 19.00 – 22.00 cet, starting from 18th june till 31st july.

    during that time you will enjoy not only a cool pvps, but also see in action teams, that are ment to be your competitors in the upcoming amc global tournaments. yes, you heard right, if the experience of russian lineage 2 tournaments will be successful then in close future we will open all doors for you guys, to show us the true skill of the eu/na lineage 2!

    but before that we need to gather a good amount of stream-viewers for our first season, to interest our partners and to make sure to ourselves that what we do is right and interesting to a large audience.

    so that when we come to eu/na servers we could offer you a really good prize pool that is worth fighting for.

    all pvps of the first season will be comentated on russian, so do not be afraid when you hear a strange people talking strange language in stream :)

    so we welcome everyone to join our broadcasts via links provided and i hope you will enjoy the new type of lineage 2 pvp from a teams of all ru servers.


    p.s if there are some of you, who wish to participate in the event as an english-speaking comentator, contact me (skype zloezlo), maybe we will figure something out of this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.