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Quests and consistency

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by Metho, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Metho

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    Hi, as in the title I want to elaborate on something...

    I've been playing this server for the past week or more and I'm baffled by the quality of job changes. Archer/hunter had a guide somewhere but I was able to search for it so I'll let that past, but Blacksmith's I cannot bear...

    First of all, I couldn't find any guide on the internet on how to do it and if didn't for a kind soul who told me where to start I would be still enraged. The quest starts and after some questions, you need to find an NPC, yet if you try to find him in navigation he doesn't exist; his in-game name is Blacksmith... That's because Hugel isn't out yet and it's just a temporary state of the quest, still a very poor and inconsistent execution.

    And there is more. The second NPC tells you to give the crafted weapon to a specific NPC, for I was told to give it to Bismarc, yet again this character doesn't exist. HIS NAME IS BISMARK. Either no one cares for this or too lazy to fix those, because I don't believe no one found this yet.