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Rogue equipment

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by Dirkman, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. Dirkman

    Dirkman User

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    Heya, noob player here.
    Are there any surefire pieces of equipment for Rogue that I could work towards? (Daggers/armor pieces/cards) Tried to google stuff, but I can't seem to find anything that would apply to this server.
  2. Petite vache

    Petite vache User

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    Hi !
    What are you looking for ?
    Very basic gear for farming or more PvP oriented ?
    Or maybe better gear for farming ?

    I am not a rogue player however I might have some ideas according to what you wish to do.
    If you're every new and have no money, I'd suggest getting a Pantie / undershirt combo fast, as it's wonderful for leveling (+10 flee / 5 agi is basically 15 flee and a bit of aspd).
    For weapons, if you're going Dagger (since bow is also an option) I'd suggest Gladius with 3 slots.
    Elemental Damascus should also be a good option if you don't always have Endow from a sage / aspersio from a priest.
    But since both seem to be common on this server, I'd say Gladius with cards according to what you want to do is a good start.

    If ever you want a bow, a good one overall for damage is Orc Archer Bow.
    I think I saw one for sale so it should be available on this server.
    But since it's expensive, gakkung bow with 2 slots might be a better idea.

    If you are looking for PvP weapons, I'd say status ones might be better, so any 4 slotted weapon like Main-gauche should be good ?
    And for PvP gear, the usual survival cards (thara frog, raydric, pecopeco / evil druid, matyr).
    Also for PvP, if it's as other servers and I'm not mistaken, you want to have high dex for divest so zerom*2 / drops*4.

    But this gear will be useless for PvP so if you're looking to farm, either gladius with 3 cards for what you hunt and endow, or elemental damascus (fire is often a good idea imo).
    And orc archer bow should be one of the best bow available that'll help you for all monsters.

    I might be mistaken on something here, being new to the server too, and as I said, not a rogue player, so if anyone has any other suggestion it's welcome.
    But I think what I wrote here could be some guidelines and general ideas that work well.

    Good luck to you !