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Newbie question: Eden Group.

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by NoZart, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. NoZart

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    All the tutorials mention the eden group as part of the leveling up. Yet i cant find anything ingame - is ragnarok prime pre-renewal?
  2. Petite vache

    Petite vache User

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    Ragnarok Prime is renewal.
    However they chose to follow their own rhythm with how they add content to the game.
    Eden group, i hope, will be coming.

    But although RO prime has renewal mechanics, they, for example, just added einbroch and einbech.
    We don't even have Rachel and Veins and Hugel and so on, yet.

    So RO prime is renewal, but the content such as maps, new classes, quests, battlegrounds, will be coming one after the other.
    For now the rhythm of the updates seems to be very good, at least I think so.

    We've got Gunslinger / Ninja recently, we're getting Hugel later this month, and it seems there is at least 1 (and maybe 2) big updates every months.
    So although we're extremely far from 4th classes, we will see Eden group coming later I think.
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  3. Adeodatus

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    Eden Group should be part of Episode 14 (so after 3rd jobs and new world/Ash vacuum update), currently we're at Episode 10.2, with 10.3 & 10.4 coming at the end of August. We also have Rachel already (Episode 11.1), so it might not be that fixed on the basic progression track, but if we get about half an episode every month, we will have Thors Volcano and Cursed Abbey (Veins, episode 11.2&3) by end of September, and Satan Morroc in October (episode 12), meaning this year will end with the 3rd job update (ash vacuum/new world/el dicastes, episode 13), and next year will probably feature Eden Group in January/February.
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