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GameMechanic and Cash Question

Discussion in 'Tavern' started by SylferOrphan, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. SylferOrphan

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    ive joined ragnarok online prime a few days ago and now there came up a few questions i couldnt find out at "patch notes".

    The first thing ive seen was many low level Character had/have any of good looking Headgear and Aura.. here are 2 Questions.. after checking the ingame Cash Shop.. (yes you offer alot) but i couldnt find a single Headgear which are good for front line fighter (Swordman, Merchant) and i wonder why because ive seen this amazing "Captains Hat" which is very famous/well known on differnt Servers because of its powerful dex and +7 ranged attack damage.. and i found this white kitty which is awesome for all casters (Aco, Mage) even for Thief theres at least a Helm with (Crit and Str) of course i was wondering and checked all pages why theres no (Str/Agi) or (Agi + Patk%) good looking Headgear. If its possible i would be happy see such Headgear for "the forgotten ones".

    2.) Question .. one day at payon i was in a group up to 12 people with a level difference from 6 to -27.. over 20 Levels and i wonder even share still worked.. now ive a 2nd Char and tryed to help me out with the "bigger one -> leeching the lower one" and i couldnt share 17 lvls apart(gap).

    3.) Question ive seen in Patch notes the information that (YES) it is possible to get a pet on this server and if its loyal youll get the buffs but it is not written down if the pets have the same buffs from dunno (iRO Wiki e.g) or if there are changes on prime. And there is no guide how to evolve it.. ive seen someone with Mastering Pet and Orc Lord and so on.. it would be nice if theres a short guide.. which taming are up to date / food and the buffs & evolve the more important part.

    Thank you i hope you could help me out and anwser this questions.
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  2. Petite vache

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    The level of the members in a party must not have a difference higher than 15 for the "EXP share" setting to be activated.
    So levels 6-27 will not work (but 6-21 will work).

    There indeed aren't cash-shop headgears giving high stats for melee that I know of.
    However there is still the Alice doll hat for PvP, and the snake head that is very powerful for PvM.
    The later being a rental headgear though, and the chick hat hasn't been seen yet.
    And no rideword hat yet either.

    Not sure the white kitty is very good for casters, a skull cap with a evil bone wand will be way better imo (and any hat giving survivability for priests).
    But in the current state of the server, I see Knight / Lord knight being very very strong already, and Crusaders seem to be having a breeze leveling with minimal stuff thanks to Holy cross.

    So it's not much of a lack of headgears, since they already are extremely strong, and mostly need damage reduction to make use of their huge HP pool.

    No ideas for the pets though, I didn't even know of the evolve mechanic (but now I know, thanks !).