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Discussion in 'Players asking players' started by Nmarkovic, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Nmarkovic

    Nmarkovic User

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    Hi Guys. can someone help me build my paladin?
    Like whats is budget build and what is end game build.
  2. Loree

    Loree User

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    Depends on what you are aiming to achieve, solo afk pve or active playstyle, pvp?

    Tanks are a dead class in essence at the moment. There is a tank update incoming though (this server update: lineage 2 (plaync.com))

    Before we take a look at builds, a few things you might want to consider:

    Tank is one of the hardest classes to level solo in essence
    There is no reason to play a tank for pve
    There is only little reason to play tank for pvp
    • At the moment tanks are kinda useless in pvp and pve, forget about 1v1 - maybe in cp you can support but be ready to die fast
    • Any other class has more def/atk potential than a tank - e.g. even a prophet has 2-3 times your pdef
    • You will never farm decent amounts of exp/adena - even with top equip you will always depend on others help
    Don't even think about face tanking those whale titans, dks, SE's and so on - they will 2 shot you even on UD with decent equipment

    If you still want to play tank I highly suggest to find a group (can be hard on essence but not impossible)


    "low" budget (pve solo/group)

    Sierra/Barakiel +0 or Aden sword +10 or higher
    Blue Wolf upper/lower for solo pve, nm or majestic heavy for pve tanking
    Dark crystal heavy or nm heavy helmet
    Majestic heavy boots+gauntlets (or nm light for vampiric)
    Valakas event necklace
    TOI rings / DV earrings
    NM shield (+HP or +CON for tanking or +STR for solo pve)


    Sierra/Barakiel +5 or zaken sword (x3 runes 13/13/7)
    Ice Set +5
    Mana helmet +5
    Evasion boots +5
    Silence Gloves +5
    Valakas Necklace / Majestic Necklace +5 or higher
    TOI Ring +7, Core +2, DV Earring +7, Orfen +2
    NM shield +5 (+HP/CON/STR depending on playstyle) or Shield of Vengeance

    High (there is basically no limit but let’s assume you don’t have 150k $ to spend)

    Sierra/Barakiel or Zaken Sword +7/8 with x3 runes 18/18/15
    Ice Set +6-7 or Protection Set with top augment
    Mana Helmet +6-7
    Evasion Boots +6-7
    Silence Gloves or Stun Gloves +6-7 or any A grade +7 with top augment
    Vengeance shield +6-7 or Protection Shield
    All epic jewels +2-3 including frintezza

    P2W items


    Brooch jewels 3
    Talisman Aden 5-7, eva 4, speed 4, authority 4, venir 12, maybe hellbound
    Agations all +5-6
    Dragon belt 5 or blessed +4
    Cloak of protection +5
    Hero Circlet +3-4 or +3 CON accessory for tanking
    Pendant 2


    Brooch jewels 4-5
    Talisman Aden 7, eva 5-6, speed 5-6, authority 5-6, venir 18+, baium talisman
    Agations +6-7
    Dragon belt 6-8 or blessed +5-6
    Cloak of protection +7
    Hero Circlet +5-6
    Pendant 3-4
    Dolls lvl 1-2

    High (depending on wallet and luck)

    Brooch jewels 6++
    Hellbound 5++, eva 7++, speed 7++, authority 7++ venir 25++, baium talisman +3
    Agathions 8++
    Dragon belt 8++ or blessed 7++
    Cloak of protection 8++
    Hero Circlet 7++
    Pendant 4-5
    Dolls lvl 3

    Don’t forget there is alot of other p2w stuff like collection, stat elixiers, augmentations, etc. that give a hugh boost.
    If you build your tank for group pvp you might want to focus on
    • Damage reduction
    • Crit damage reduction
    • Crit rate reduction
    • HP
    • Pdef (least important in this list)
  3. Nmarkovic

    Nmarkovic User

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    Ty So much mate you are a saver. This helps a lot
  4. Lucien

    Lucien User

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    Your analisis it's pretty accurate if we are talking about ru and eu servers but it isn't our fault if ncsoft it's the only software house in the world which releases regional patch notes.
    It isn't this way in kr, the only place where you can play essence official.
    No one dies from a dk aoe in kr anymore let alone a tank. The problem is we were left all alone for 12 months or more without a patch to counter the two metas, both dk and titans.
    Also it isn't our fault, I mean like european players, if the crappiest tank on ru has full protection set while not even the top whale on eu has it.
    The higher the lcoins price is the lower the population.
    It isn't a mistery ru are opening servers like popcorns while we got the august kr gift because, in reality, there were less than 200 active players on two servers.
    The optimum should be to skip, completely, innova or nwcest and go to play the only official essence in kr but this means to have to pay for a decent vpn.
    If it's true that 1 l8k in korea it's 29 € instead of 20 € it's also true you can convert it in 1.2 billions adena, not 400ish kk.
    So ..... the only problem it's the paid vpn.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2021 at 10:05 AM
  5. Loree

    Loree User

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    Well he/she asked for playing tank on eu essence - so I just described my own experience playing a tank from start in pvp clans till latest update. I agree that Lcoin price is a showstopper here and one of main reasons why eu has such low population compared to ru. There have been alot of damage reducing/absorbing items added lately but only few players got their hands on it or it has not even been implented yet here. What I can see is that even after all class reworks and also the ones that are upcoming (tanks, archer, daggers, mages) Titans and DKs will still be meta by far because other classes don't even come close to their survivability and damage output. Not even talking about farming where it's all about AOE now.

    I would love to play on korean servers but from my understanding you need a mobile phone number registered in Korea, which is kinda hard to get from here.
  6. Lucien

    Lucien User

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    The major problem for the tanks it's the damage reduction, not the damage output. In KR the daggers can kill both dk and titans but not a tank.
    It's obvious we need protection sets, and the tanks the protection shield, but I don't think any player will ever get one on the european servers.
    Essence game mechanic is based in opening lootboxes, a lot of lootboxes.
    If on your servers, lets say with a population of 6000-7000 players, everyone opens at least 1 lootbox per day, you may have all the latest p2w items on day 1, and this is ru.
    If on your servers, lets say with a population of 300 players total, 2-3 of them open 100 lootboxes per day, you may have one of the top donors without his 4 stars book, and
    I seriously doubt he will ever get it.
    About the kr servers, the mobile cellphone number it's an additional, not mandatory, security feature like in here.

    Problem is a decent, and for this I mean trustworthy, vpn can be really expensive, monthly wise.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2021 at 6:44 PM